get rid of farm!

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I suggest we should get rid of farm, instead, seed, should be planted right on the ground. what type of plant it grows depands on the type of the ground, for example, if you plant seed in swamp, it grow pumpkin, plant see in desert it grows corn, something like this.

that why it forces player to have multiple base, and force them to venture inbetween

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That's actually a very interesting idea. I say keep the seeds cause they are a fun cost. but making things grow by biome dependency could finally make people brave enough to travel elsewhere. Keep in mind though since pumpkins are the best. If they are 100% chance to get. A swamp biome isn't much of a real danger. You could in place, have a higher chance to get these items in different biomes but still have a chance to get the useless stuff like carrots.

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While that would force players to have multiple bases if they wanted to grow different crops, it makes more sense that the seeds determine the type of plant. Of course right now all seeds are generic and therefore the vegetables they grow are random, but still I prefer to think of it that way.

I'm sure one of the reasons why seeds are planted in the farm plots is farm plots themselves grant advantages to the seed growth, while normal dirt wouldn't.

Personally I'm not against players building farms or shleters, as the game will eventually give them reasons to explore beyond the safety these shelters provide. Also, at stages in the game players will be given the option to progress in the "plot" by travelling to new worlds. From what we've been told by the Devs, once you commit to this journey you will never be able to return, so you will need to rebuild you shelter and supplies from scratch.

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Personally I'm not against players building farms or shleters,

Still there shouldn't be too high of a demand for it in both story line and free play mode. At least in storyline we will have to move forward losing our things. But making a new turtle every time isn't too difficult and would be kind of a lame way to inch through the great story and gameplay. They would miss out on so much!

I do agree though i prefer to think of the seeds as a random chance to get a possible great food for the day. Or a possible horrible one like a carrot.

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I´d say the farming should be kept. If you don´t want to farm you can go hunting/trapping. But if there will be a full 4 season cycle, farming will be important since there is winter to survive and no, or very little, animals to find. And we shouldn´t be able to stock up chest after chest after chest of meat morsels etc.. that misses the point also. Farms just need to be improved along with the seasons and it will make a lot more sense than it does now. :)

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I like that idea, different veggies grow in different biomes. To expand on that, each biome can have different requirements to make each plot. For example:

Savannah would need 10 manure/8 grass (for a normal farm plot), 20 manure/ 16 grass (for a advanced farm plot) and 25 manure/ 21 grass (for a turbo farm plot)

forest would need 4 manure/2 grass/4 twigs (for a normal farm plot), 8/4/8/, 10/6/10

swamp would need 5 manure/2 grass/6 stones (for a normal farm plot), 10/4/12, 13/6/15

This could maybe make it harder to farm?

[EDIT] Forgot something...

After every 4-5 harvests or the farm plots become unusable (therein making it tons harder to farm things) and making the game live up to it's name sake Don't starve.

Also, incorporating another idea I read off the thread, the farm plots grow certain things only on that area. For example the Savannah biome would grow (prickly pears*, dragonfruit*[during the dry season of summer and fall, the Savannah could become a Desert for those seasons]) Forest (carrots, potatoes) Swamps would grow (rice, mushrooms, sugar cane)

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