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  1. I had the same behaviour. Werepigs are both enemies and friends of the pigmen. Make a choice.
  2. we should be able to dig holes with the shovel, put some manure, and wait a lot of time. That would give another purpose to the shovel. But holes should be small to avoid the reverse tree fence problem.
  3. To be able to have something dynamic to write on the grave. And not always the same names. If you read a grave about a character you created and named, it's much more personified than if the grave has a generic name.
  4. I like this idea and i was dissapointed it was not implemented. We should be able to name our world with the first character who plays on it. We should also be able to name our characters. Btw who does bury the corpses ? We should be able to bury our last caracter corpse and help him find rest, or he'll become a wandering soul.
  5. I didnt do anything. I cut a tree and 2 treeguards spawned. One of them seemed pissed and wanted to fight but the other one is a nice guy. We have been neighbours for a few week now. I'd like to help him but it seems so introverted.
  6. What if i only use crockpot recepies which include meat, vegetable and fruit that are already much more efficient than regular recepies ?
  7. I had quite a long walk when this happened. I crossed a bridge, went in the forest, ... There was no bee at all around neither any chest.
  8. I dont know if it's related, but i had a bee sound playing during a whole day while there was no bee around.
  9. Hounds should attack more, the more meat effigy you have. Like suggested before, they should be able to destroy the effigies by eating them repeatdly. The effigy could also act like a voodoo puppet making it more dangerous to have numerous of them. Incmoing sanity could also reduce their OP.
  10. I have the same kind of stuff near a bridge, but i cant grab it because it's in the ocean. Same composition : manure + sleeping dart.
  11. Hounds were barking all around. I got out of my main, and built a temporary firecamp outside. I fought hounds one after another and there was some meat on the ground. One hound ate the meat and fell asleep near the fire. I can't wait for fences.
  12. New awesome pig behaviour : I feed my pigs with monster meat. I have 3 of them following me. Then i attack a spider nest, knowing that at least one pig of mine will morph into a werepig or pigwolf. Btw that's what happens and the pigwolf attacks the 2 remaining pigs. I want to defend them, i attack the pigwolf and kill him. But now that i defended them, they want to kill me since i attacked a pig. It's kinda logic and illogic. I attacked their ennemy and friend. You have to let them deal with werepigs or they will attakc you. It also means, that they will eat their friend and become a werepig.