Wally The Gravedigger

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Hello! Spelunky here!

I have a suggestion for a new character. It's Wally the Gravdigger! He looks a little like Wolfgang in shape but he has a curly moustache and a grand beard like Wilson's at level 3, he's also a little plump. He starts with two items. One is Wally's Grave Digger which is a shovel that digs very fast, and Wally's Lantern. Wally's Shovel is sort of like Woodie's axe but it doesn't talk and it doesn't turn him into a werebeaver (spoilers). The Lantern is like a torch that never runs out. It can also be used to upgrade a campfire's level. Also Wally has a special something. He turns into a Werewolf at full moon. I don't know what it should be like so that's up to the devs. (if this gets realeased).

This character was meant for Halloween. I was a little late to suggest it plus I'm hopeless at modding.

Hope this goes far enough to reach the dev's ears! Feel free to comment on his things and stats! I haven't got the stats made yet but I hope someone suggests it :>

EDIT Here is the stats

HP: 125

SNTY: 150

HNGR: 138

Thanks for reading,


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Guys you are da best! You all gave me suggestions!

His Lantern only lasts 500 seconds, you have to craft the lantern sepratly and the shovel lasts along time!

Looks like someone had the same idea as me though (See Waldwick the Gravedigger).

His health is a little frail. He has 125 HP and he has 150 SNTY. He runs out of food faster when digging and running, and get more benifits from sleeping the night out. He's afraid of creepy crawlys (bugs) and spiders. Ghosts don't come out as much when digging up graves. And he has a Trumbone as the voicing, :> sound good?


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