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  1. I mean you can join as long as you don't mean TOO magical. Then that's godmodding. Make it just maybe a magician.
  2. I think you can join. But how do you mean 'magical'?
  3. That was ALL I could literally come up with.
  4. I've never played the screecher. Theres not much I can really do sorry. Why should you be sorry? I'm fine!
  5. Can I see a picture of what Chris (the faceless dude) looks like?
  6. Hey guys! Spelunky here. I'd like to make a roleplay, its a horror roleplay like The Screecher, but there is not a screecher, just the monster that (someone) is likely to make up as we go. Anyway. There will be 10 people, one will be me. I will put my character below (somewhere down there) and once I get my list full, it will begin! (By the way, we are in Stenphan Lake, a campsite.) My character will be put below. Name: Sacrame (pronounced "sack-rem") Age: 56 Abilities: Able to see well in the dark. Downsides: Small stomach. Reason for coming: Heard about the great adventures at Stenphan Lake. But upon coming saw a dead body with both its legs and its head ripped off. Couldn't get a signal and was stuck for a long time. The liste: 1. Me 2. KBlock1
  7. Sorry for barging in but... is there any spots left? :>