After 99 hours of playing, this is my review.

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Edit: I'm sorry i can't edit topic title, it's more like suggestions.


I could survive max 81 days. Died while trying to get krampus by nightmare amulet and 4 rabbit filled chests, as i hit 29 on naughtiness (always on mod), i was killed by shadow monster :/, Don't care, gonna play again, this was one of my attempts of trying to get things. 


So here are some ideas & suggestions (some already maybe told by others) i would really like to see: 


- Accessory slot (i know there are mods): Because switching between armors and amulets/etc takes time and during panick of fight, it results accidents with death which eventually causes madness (didn't hit the screen yet, but getting there :grin:


- Worm holes color codes on map (so you can understand which one leads to what) 


- Cave Worm should be nerfed (or can have an item which makes it reasonable to kill) 


- Priority on destroying armor/headgear/amulet. Possibly first helmet, then armor and last amulet maybe? 


- Less item's for nightmare amulet (6 gold, 4 nightmare fuel and 2 purple gems (!) at) 


- To be able to use birdtrap for bees (both normal and angry ones) as flower as bait). Or maybe sticky trap made with silk, grass & honey which you lay down like a carpet and bugs (butterflies, bees, fireflies stuck on it) with max 6 bugs and losts it's %20 when used.


- Respawn ability for mandrakes (maybe when you collect/kill one (a message says it respawned in another part of the map))


- Killer Bees should be used for Beenades and only normal bees should be for beeboxes. 


- Bag should not require science machine (first science machine always disposable :/) 


- Rabbit earmufs may attract bunnies like the feather hat attract birds 


- Telelocator focus needs 3 purple gems for each use which makes it totally expensive while it could be effective, it feels like waste. (Maybe wand can lose it's gem upon use.)


- Starcaller's Stuff's orb can follow player while it's moving. 


- I don't understand while rock can be stacked up to 40, logs are only limited to 20. And You can't stack rabbits. I know they are liiving creatures but at least 5 groups of stacks would be cool. 


- Butterflies will have a 1 day lifespan and when it dies, it lands on ground and create a flower. 


- Maybe recovering logsuit like u add fuel to minerhat? With logs? 


- More Mactusk camp on map 


- Use for those Gnomes (for example, if you put 3 together in a place, they become alive and help you with fight (with little damage (3-4) and will be breakable but fixable with right click and no durability) 


- Potted ferns can increase sanity since wolfgang says it makes him happy :-)


- HP bars (at least when you hit them) to find out, how close are you, so you can leave that place or continue. 


-Fishing in sea (which sometimes can attract sharks to pull you into sea and take some damage (but high risk high reward ;)


- Volcanic explosion events on some holes in map, which will cause sometimes rock, ash and coal to fall from sky into world (good for rock regenerate, as well as natural ash and coal source) 


- Football (there is hat why not a ball, which you can throw to enemies, but you have to collect everytime you throw away that) 


- Bones can be collectable, which players can use to throw away to confuse hounds. 


- Poison stuff (slowly hurts enemy made with fern and green gem), Paralyzing stuff (paralyze enemy for a while made with yellow gem and gold), honey stuff (sticky foot effect and slowed move for enemy, made with orange gem and honey) 


- Specialized books for each character which they learned from wickerbottom (book of hair for wilson made with 1 beard 2 papyrus, causes a beardlord to appear and fight for character, 5 uses for book, each use reduces 30 sanity; flame rain book for willow made with 1 ash 2 papyrus causes flames to rain from sky, 5 uses max; book of dead for wendy made with , causes wendy to be ghost like her sister for 2 minutes (higher damage, invicibility for damage, while decrease sanity; odd pot for wolfgang,  creates an evil crock pot which will attack enemies nearby , feed by their drops and poop healthy food for player; book of future for wx-78 made by frazzled wires and 2 papyrus, creates 3 mini wx-78 to help you during fight (more effective during rain) by reduces sanity by 50 and may cause instant winter for every use (5 uses); book of violance for wickerbottom made by 1 mandrake 2 papyrus, causes enemies to sleep and don't let them awake even though you hit themfor 1 minute, 5 use only and decreases sanity by 40 on use; book of baloon for wes, made by 2 mosqito sack 2 papyrus, causes a duplicanger made of balloon to appear and help you with fight, it pops out when killed which will cause children to cry which will hurt the enemies for last time, each use drains 50 sanity 5 uses; book of treeguard for woodie, 2 living log, 2 papyrus, creates 3  mini treeguards to help you during fight, they are 1/3 strong as normal treeguards and use costs 50 sanity, book of prison for maxwell, made by 5 evil flowers 2 papyrus, creates fences around character for 1 minute, which enemies can't hit character, drains 60 sanity on use and fences doesn't help for shadow monsters)


- A proper ending. I know this was discussed zillions of times. But cycle makes really no sense, maybe a table of whole stucked characters (which will not be able to played after it's stuck, for example, if you did with wilson and it's stuck on chair, after you start a new game, you can't pick him, he will look chained or something) together will help to destroy the throne and free all characters which will end the game. 

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I think some are great ideas, and I agree with all of your suggestions.


The only idea I didnt like was the books for each character...


But this:

- Telelocator focus needs 3 purple gems for each use which makes it totally expensive while it could be effective, it feels like waste.

- Worm holes color codes on map (so you can understand which one leads to what)

- Less item's for nightmare amulet

- Bag should not require science machine (first science machine always disposable :/)


I totally agree.

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Mods, please move this to Suggestions/feedback, thanks.


(And the reason many of these things are not in the game-besides tried before and changed from play-testing [like a backpack requiring a science machine when it used to be able to be crafted without one before]-is that mods exist for these play options. Klei won't change things from one user's feedback, but a community's feedback...which is why it needs to be there, not here.)

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This is going to sound harsh, but I think your specialized books idea is ridiculous. A Crockpot that attacks enemies? Becoming invincible for a short amount of time? Half of them are just "summons something to help you fight." Now, a summoning item seems like a cool idea if it was different enough from that one mod that exists, but your idea is just all over the damn place. And I have to wonder what you were thinking when you slapped the -60 Sanity on Maxwell's specialized book, it may just as well be nothing at all.

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