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  1. Yeah, just so you guys know, I am the cold. Creator and everything. I am opening a new art thread to try and post my somewhat improved art. First we have a drawing requested by @TrebleStudios on deviantART I am drawing these with the mouse because my computer got trashed and I am using mom`s. Thankfully, I backed up SAI on a blank CD-ROM. My style has changed since. I now define eye shape based on how I see characters having them.
  2. It's not letting me upload the image, so there's a link.
  3. http://i-am-the-cold.deviantart.com/art/Christmas-Collaboration-Piece-576996473?ga_submit_new=10%253A1449645762
  4. This is for a Christmas collaboration. If you have on going, feel free to add mine to yours. Image will be in next post due to an unknown error.
  5. Trying to stay above water with staying on the forum.

  6. That face you make when you haven't posted in a year. I may or may not be coming back.
  7. Stahp with the halo. I put those tutorials on dA.
  8. I apologise here as well, but I won`t be able to come on as often as I did in the past. MY OTHER FANDOM NEEDS ME! *Flies away*

  9. I am back......

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    2. Ephyb7
    3. Ephyb7


      Life is crappy as usual.

    4. the truthseeker

      the truthseeker

      (btw, Ophelia, IS a SHE but I kept the lyrics as close as possible)

  10. Another day, another headache

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      XD. Error_404_Game_has_permanently_crashed_due_to_invalid_command

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      I miss the ice queen.

  11. Hey guys, I decided to make a roleplay. Anyone can join as long as it stays appropriate and fair. Get creative, have fun, let others have fun. Up to seven more people can join representing their characters. I also apologize beforehand about some typos that might appear within some of my parts, my keyboard either wont type sometimes, or double type. We are going to make up the story as we go along. Characters(You may play up to 2 characters), whether it be yours,or from any other person (Used with permission of course), or media: Julie, Wilson, Ophelia, and Coderxia- Played by Ephyb7 (Me) Newleaf,Nathan, Cronos- BlewCheese Kate,Moonstone,Furry- Ellebelly24 Terrance Walkerman- KidneyBeanBoy Trunk- 5Raptorboy777 Mystery Character- WalrusMan Lewis,Alma,Teivel- Dwerbomb Rustlung,Charlie,Erised,Unknown2,Excess, Belliarus-Silentdarkness1 Cory, Envy, Audia, Liddel,Zs`Skyar, Winro- Hybridic The Tinker- Gaberrrrr Pannus-Pecival Character identification template Name: Age: Species: Race: Gender: Bio: Status: Dead Alive Unknown (Erase the ones that do not apply) Example: Name: Julie Von Higgsbury Age:27 Species: Human THE ROLEPLAY WILL START WHEN WE HAVE ALL OF THE SLOTS FILLED CHARACTER STAUSES Wilson- Alive Julie- Deceased Newleaf- Alive Nathan-Alive Kate- Alive Moonstone-Alive Furry-Alive Terrance-Alive Trunk-Alive The unknown (WalrusMan)-Alive Lewis-Alive Alma-Alive The Unknown (DwerBomb)- Alive Rustlung-Alive Charlie-Alive The unknown (SilentDarkness1)-Alive The unknown 2 (Silentdarkness1)-Alive Cory-Alive Envy-Deceased Audia-Alive The tinker-Alive Cronos-Alive Pannus-Alive Liddel-Alive Ophelia- Deceased Coderxia- Alive Teivel- Alive WX-78-Alive
  12. Unleash the Beast Within (TERMINATED)

    Claudia has told me that this roleplay is causing too much emotional havoc. I am permanently closing it. No exceptions. I am sorry
  13. Unleash the Beast Within (TERMINATED)

    (Everyone. I am handing this roleplay over to Hybridic to lead because I suck at keeping up with roleplays and have been planning to kill this one for months)
  14. some art :D

    XD That is perfect!!!! I am exactly like that! Oh god! I can`t stop laughing!
  15. some art :D

    May I please have one more request? I would like to see me compulsivley making gift art for people. Also, a side note, if ou so decide to do this, please don`t get me and Julie mixed up, we are NOT the same person. http://cryoophelia7.deviantart.com/art/Proper-Ophelia-Reference-441844112 <-------Le me.
  16. *Eyes swirling.Hypnotic voice* La la la la la la la la la

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      Are you there, my queen?

    3. Ephyb7


      I`m here. Sorry for such a late response. You don`t need to be so kind with titles too. I might be the queen of winter, but I don`t expect THAT much respect

    4. Percival


      What's wrong with respect?

  17. Check out my thread "I'm not giving up yet" to get more info.
  18. Eh eh now... Don`t be so hard on yourself. At least your drawings aren`t sometimes embarrassingly bad along wth others we need not get into detail......
  19. 1.For @ Hope you like it! __________________________________________________________ 2.This was for @Miss and @ZombiDJ contest on deviantART where we had to make a fake Don`t Starve movie poster. I am really confident in this one and am willing to share it here
  20. Just me scribbling

    You should do a Super Mario x Don`t STarve crossover where WIlson jumps on spiders and frogs while he has a hand full of mushrooms
  21. Really old memorable game thread

    Drawn to Life Spyro Pokemon Putt Putt Action 52 (Bro had it) Fallout 3 (Still have it)