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Hey all, I was thinking of doing some don't starve fan art and my drawings don't look amazing so I was hoping some of the better artists could show me a little bit of what you do and how you do it.

(if anybody could help me post my art that would be helpful too)

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That would be great @Ephyb7 And I actually need help Uploading the pictures too so... yeah

Ok! So I will make a GIF of each step I take. Download the free program FireAlpaca (It`s what I use) to use a less pixelated brush. So give me a couple hours and I will make the GIF. To upload them, go to your art thread and click on the "Reply to this topic" button in the right, and click on the "Attach files" button beside the paperclip on the bottom, choose the image (make sure it`s not too large) then confirm it, say something about it in the textbox and then submit it.

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bit large :p and thanks so much you guys this is so nice of you! :D

I'm downloading arcadefire and will test it out in a bit, again Thank you!

Hey, I love helping people! I'm glad I ran into this thread! Literally!

*Is stuck against the door to the thread*

Ugly Update:

Didn't you see I mentioned you?

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