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Is Woodie's werebeaver curse and caves supposed to behave like that?

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Caves have their own Day/Night and moon cycles. So you're just entering caves at a full moon when this happens.


If you spend too much time in a cave or outside of a cave.


You will turn into werebeaver regardless of moon cycle as soon as you enter or exit.

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Woodie was introduced in July... and this has been a persistant problem and has not been fixed.  So I'm looking for a definitive answer on whether this is a glitch or an accidental but now intended gameplay mechanic.

And only the devs can answer that. And guess where they hang out more? Yep, the bug tracker forum : http://forums.kleientertainment.com/index.php?/forum/17-dont-starve-bug-tracker/

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I just fixed it (and some chester rot and beard issues, all stemming from the longupdate). It'll go live some time next week in the next hotfix.

You just gave me the idea of Chester with a giant beard. That's getting stuck in my dreams tonight.

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