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I like robots and scientists {art thread} requests welcome!

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Here is Wilson building Quote! Sorry it took me so long. I hope you like it!

No problem! Looks like the time was well spent eh? It looks amazing, I also like the skeleton in the backround with megamans helmet on (correct me if im wrong, its been a while aince ive played a megaman game) Edited by Blazingice26
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Ahh, oh my goodness, I can't believe I forgot to update this thread. I have a lot of old art I haven't uploaded yet, and plenty of new art that I've been making.

I'll make a few compilation posts and then post a bit of recent art.


and, I don't believe I ever said this, so


The url for my blog is: Thesoullessautomaton.tumblr.com


That's where I am mainly active.

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My 2nd tarot card: The Eight of Pentacles for Deerlet's DS tarot project

The Eight of Pentacles called for Webber and new things to discover in the DLC. So, here we have our favorite spider boy with our newest fluffy companion, Glommer, who is found in the light of the full moon.

( Here's one of my cards from the DS tarot )




The Seven of Swords

While researching my card I found thievery was one of the negative aspects of the Seven of Swords. As a Sword, my card needed to portray battle as well.

So, here portrayed is a battle between different forms of thievery.

( and here is the other :D )


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