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  1. True! It's probably just a reference then :y
  2. Thank you! 'w'/) and the song is this one! An interesting note is this song was released in 1965, but Klei might have just added it as a fun reference hehe. :>
  3. Final post for today! :] I love that we can have multiples of the same character, and with new skins and outfits we can all be quite different. I was inspired by that idea to draw a huge group of WXS CB
  4. Also! I fixed the pacing and a few mistakes that were made in the last colored gif. It looks much better now imo. A couple of drawings of WX and Wigfrid! >:]
  5. @DragonMage156 Here they are! :] {XD I thought it'd be fun if they sang one of the songs referenced in WX78s lines.
  6. Last posts I have for now! I made these gifs just the other day. I made them just to see what it would look like if knights were rideable. Animating is fun! owob
  7. A comic I made when Shipwreck was released! As someone who mains WX, this is a pretty good summary of how I felt about all that water {XD.
  8. In shipwrecked my fav new biome is the poison swamplands. It's pretty hard to be there, but it's really cool!
  9. XD Ah, I see! I like to do post dumps here a lot hehe. owo Thank you! <3
  10. Oop, looks like one pic didn't go through. Here's the pic that seems to be missing :]
  11. Cross-overed 2 of my favorite games, Don't Starve and Neko Atsume! :3
  12. A bunch of drawings thinking about other mobs that could be ridable besides beefalo :] I might clean up some of these later
  13. Random art pieces from the rp blog Other survivors throwing a surprise bday party for WX and WX working out heheh!
  14. I'll put it on my list of things to draw! That sounds like a fun idea XD. I can see Woodie or Warly holding a moonshine type bar that's made out of sticks and stones that islanders go to to drink fermented berry juice. Wendy and Webber would get goat milk :]c.