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  1. Thank you! 'w'/) and the song is this one! An interesting note is this song was released in 1965, but Klei might have just added it as a fun reference hehe. :>
  2. Final post for today! :] I love that we can have multiples of the same character, and with new skins and outfits we can all be quite different. I was inspired by that idea to draw a huge group of WXS CB
  3. Also! I fixed the pacing and a few mistakes that were made in the last colored gif. It looks much better now imo. A couple of drawings of WX and Wigfrid! >:]
  4. @DragonMage156 Here they are! :] {XD I thought it'd be fun if they sang one of the songs referenced in WX78s lines.
  5. Last posts I have for now! I made these gifs just the other day. I made them just to see what it would look like if knights were rideable. Animating is fun! owob
  6. A comic I made when Shipwreck was released! As someone who mains WX, this is a pretty good summary of how I felt about all that water {XD.
  7. In shipwrecked my fav new biome is the poison swamplands. It's pretty hard to be there, but it's really cool!
  8. Oop, looks like one pic didn't go through. Here's the pic that seems to be missing :]
  9. A bunch of drawings thinking about other mobs that could be ridable besides beefalo :] I might clean up some of these later
  10. Random art pieces from the rp blog Other survivors throwing a surprise bday party for WX and WX working out heheh!
  11. I'll put it on my list of things to draw! That sounds like a fun idea XD. I can see Woodie or Warly holding a moonshine type bar that's made out of sticks and stones that islanders go to to drink fermented berry juice. Wendy and Webber would get goat milk :]c.