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A Dont Starve PvP Board Game (I know you guys arent a toy company; hear me out)

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I remember in some post (Dont remember who said it, but it was a staff member) that Klei had plans for more merchandise besides the blindbags, and also theres the infamous multiplayer thing that Klei doesnt want to do, so I thought up an idea for a Dont Starve board game. There are 2 characters fighting each other, with a third person keeping track of everything. Each player gets a certain amount of hours they can spend scavenging in certain areas, and having turn based battles with monsters. The goal of the game is for one player to kill the other. If a player is killed by monsters, the player revives at the spawn, but if the player is killed by another player, it is permadeath unless they have a touchstone, effigy, or amulet. The board is set up so both players can't see what they're doing, like Battleships.

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