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  1. Oh... uhmm... yeah, of course I knew that.... hmmm.... Well, it's done now at least. Better late then never! I did, partially, enjoy checking the thread manually however, as the suspense of seeing if the fantabulous new update was released or if some more sneak peek pics were posted was quite fun :3 (been a while since I've used the forums at all, so the last topic I followed was William II)
  2. It's hit the point where I check this thread twice every hour, I can't wait for the update! Knowing your team, it's gonna be good! :3
  3. Even after checking the wiki I'm still confused about part of the mod. To access the lava caves, I presume I need to find an entrance structure. The wiki said that there is one by several goblin/orc huts (forget which) and a bonfire, but I have yet to find it. Is there any way I can spawn (the entrance to) the next level? I checked thoroughly through the wiki so I am fairly sure more specific info. isn't on there, but sorry if I missed something obvious.