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Destroying bee boxes.

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Would like to know that too. I'm not so happy about the fact, that there is no way to get honeycomb aside of by destroying beehives. I'm on day 40 now... and in my whole map is (was) just one beehive.. which I had to destroy to build at least one beebox :/

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It does. It didn't used to do to an oversight, but Kevin fixed it. I just tried 6 bee boxes in a row and they all dropped the hive and one plank.

You mean to say there is another way to get it without destroying the bee hives?

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Destroying bee boxes is actually probably important to keeping up the number of bees you could use for bee mines, as far as i can tell the bees that come out of bee boxes and bee hives are finite, so its probably important to bee able to make new boxes.

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I love bee boxes, i use them as sentry turrets. 8-)

Place bee boxes around my home base & they kill anything that comes close... they kill the dogs for me too, or at least provide a nice distraction so i can walk up to the doggies and poke them til they die, they are so distracted with the bees they dont turn to bite me. :D

Not sure what honeys for (except maybe as an ingredient?) so i just kinda leave the bees alone since they all try to swarm me if i steal their honey. :(

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