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Poop farm.

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Don't know if this is common knowledge but just want to share this. One way to have a beefalo farm near your base is to agrro 2-3 of them and run towards an area close to your base. Then play the pan flute! they will go to sleep. Leave that area for a while and when they wake up you will have your own poop farm!!

Not sure if this is an intended feature but it is awesome.

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If u feed a beefalo chocolate, does he give chocolatemilk?

And yeah my favourite location for my basecamp is on a beefalo field. I also tried building a base in the centre of the swamp on a small patch of forest and live off pigmeat from my pighouses. It worked but its a dangerous affair going out of the center into the actual swamp area. And well, i had to go mine stuff u know.

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