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Amulets still very common?

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i don't find them useful at all i would rather have the meat effigy thats just me tho

that's actually not only you, I prefer the effigy over the amuletts aswell, since I usually have something more usefull equiped in my chest slot, and I don't want to try it the hard way to see if they work out of my inventory aswell. Besides, since we can equip them, I am relatively sure they won't work out of the inventory anyway, so I stick to effigies.

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Not to mention the amulet instantly resurrects you in place, leaving you to try to deal with the thing that initially killed you a second time, while the meat effigies resurrect you at your base, the next morning.

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hurm, in ay case, I find myself uncertain whether I could rely on either, as I am having an issue with effigies crashing my game on when I die, which has prevented me from getting any either.

Not sure if the amulets would be a similar problem for me or not, but i'm in a position where I'm best off exiting to menu if i'm fast enough or just letting myself kick the bucket proper so I can get some bloody exp; I still only have willow unlocked so far, since my only death since that unlock was marred by that effigy crash.

almost had 100 days on that run too T-T

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