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Did you call me a bro? I don't want to dissappoint you but I'm a sis :p

I really love your map it seems to be huge and look at all this hives! When I'm dead I start a new world and hope for such a huge world, than yours. If it's okay to you, please make another screenshot if you explore the rest of it, I'm curious. I really enjoy these random generations but unfortunately my map cotains nearly nothing but still enough to survive.

Keep in surviving and: Don't starve! :D

here ya go! i finally finished walking every where....9 islands in total =D http://i.imgur.com/rr14B.jpg"]rr14B.jpg

my pig king are way way down there to the left.....my beefalo farm is way on the top.....

oh yeah..not a single tall bird were seen that day...i will have to make due lol

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Women and shaving beards. U have no idea how irritating a moustache can be for ur upper lip ladies. SHAVE THAT POOR MAN :p

Naah j/k

It is extremely useful to shave at least 4 beardhairs so u can build an effigy. Effigies are like the insurance policy in dont starve. No monthly fees or payments, just a one time investment. Totally worth it to guard u from stupid little mistakes!

Currently when u shave different stages of beard u get either 1, 3 or 9 beardhairs. Havent waited longer than the 9 hair beard, who knows it may go even further!

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This is a very rare bridged map. Bridges usually connect only 2 islands, leaving you but only 1 way to go. Your map has an overlapping bridge over a middle island that can work as a distribution hub. Nice map indeed (coming from someone who hates bridges).

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I just got a new world consisting out of one island that is very unique to say the least. Dozens of tallbirds everywhere, I am now scared to go anywhere at all in it.

Awesome! Fried eggs for breakfast. At dusk the tallbirds sleep on their nest. Fire wakes them up but u dont need fires at dusk. Push em off the eggs and steal it. The next day at dusk, there will be a new egg. I havent tried getting close to them after they wake up with an empty nest tho. Best bet: dont even try :D

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Really? I have stolen 14 eggs this way with a game started after the 27 nov patch. Mayb there is a chance they wake up and ive been lucky? Or its a bug, coz my tallbirds are not THAT agressive. They chase u for a little while if u aggro them during the day, but as long as u dont steal their egg, for me they give up after a while.

501105 ur in a perfect position to determine tallbird behaviour now. I expect a thread with screenshots and tips on tallbirds very Soon. :p

Or u could just post watever u find here <3

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Well one thing I have learned is that stealing their eggs while trying not to wake them up is a tricky matter. Some tallbirds wake up because of it, while others dont. It tends to happen less if you do it very slowly bit by bit. They duration of their hunt on you also seems to be a variable. I had one chase me for 2 days while another gave up after 2 minutes. The best tip I can give is to take a route with other enemies on it when escaping tallbirds, they tend to get distracted that way.

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We need a tallbird trap that decays after a while on its own. Like made with twiggs and grass and stuff, just a big fake man tallbird to make the lady tallbirds fall in love with it. Just place it near their nest and theyll be all over it while u steal the egg. Then when the trap decays their dreams are shatterred, their spirit broken and in sorrow they lay a new egg. New era of tallbird egg hunting.

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Here's my recent map from my game with Wolfgang - I noticed the size early on so I went on an exploring trip just to show you guys the full size of it!

Top biome is grasslands with a bit of forest, as you see some bees there as well. The one under is just one massive swamp with many ponds, west of that is the pig king in his forest. Below that as you see massive boulders all over the place. But the gem of it is that small middle biome, grasslands filled with 10 bee nests! and a few rabbits. South of that one is the awesome crossroads - first time I've seen one of those. South one has grasslands and beefalos and tons of rabbits. To the west is a few more beefalos and rabbits with a graveyard filled with spiders nests. North of that one is another forest. Last but not least the most eastern biome is mostly grasslands with a bit of forest at the end!

My coolest world so far!


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Since ya'll sharing, well here's mine! 9 islands, hugeee distances, it normally took me 2 days to go from my current camp to the first one! *sigh*:o


It felt disappointing that there's nothing more to explore in this map, since that was the reason it thrilled me at first :(

What should i do now? New game?

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