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  1. I believe you only get one charcoal from a burned tree, no matter what size it was before the fire.
  2. Make a torch, but don't equip it. Then have it as your cursor, and click on a tree. This will start the forest fire.
  3. When I stole a sleeping tallbird's egg, it immediately woke up and chased me halfway across creation until a swamp monster took it out.
  4. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform Steam Version Number - Issue title Unable to use SPACE to catch aggressive bees Steps to reproduce - Equip Bug Net - Make a bee angry (catch and release or harvest from a bee box while the bees are in it) - Press SPACE - Bug Net will be used as a weapon instead of catching the bees Describe your issue If you press SPACE next to a passive bee with a Bug Net equipped, you will catch the bee. If you press SPACE next to an aggressive bee (one that is already attacking you) with a Bug Net equipped, the net will be used to attack the bee instead. I was able to test this with both angry bees from a bee box and by catching a bee and then releasing it. In both instances, "ATTACK" rather than "CATCH" is the action used by pressing SPACE, even when a Bug Net is equipped in the weapon/tool slot. In order to catch an aggressive bee, I had to manually click on it.
  5. Hi Gammasite, it was included by accident in the hotfix and was removed as Soon as the team was made aware.
  6. A question on the crockpot; are seeds considered filler? I would assume no since you can cook and eat them, but I want to be sure.
  7. You are still able to light trees with a torch for creating charcoal.
  8. May I direct your attention to the sticky at the top of this forum regarding a hot fix?
  9. I never used walls as defenses, there are plenty built into the environment. Pigs, beefalos, swamp monsters; if you don't mind running and screaming you can lead anything to something else willing to kill it for you.
  10. I like the changes. However, I'm not able to apply manure to cut grass tufts. I even tried picking some more to make a fresh cut spot and it's not giving me the option to fertilize.
  11. Have you tried changing the resolution settings? I had that glitch right after the latest update, but changing settings and then changing them back fixed it for me.