July 25th Preview Discussion

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As mentioned in General Discussion, we are going to continue testing this release to try and work out the last of these persistent crashes. The fix seems to be going well so far, so this should be the last testing push so we can release tomorrow. Thanks for all your testing and bug reports, we really appreciate it!

Instructions for switching branches:

    [*]Right click on Don't Starve in your steam library

    [*]Go to the betas tab

    [*]Select "publicpreview" to play the current testing branch. There is no password. If you don't see that branch listed, it means that we aren't currently running a public test.

    [*]To get back to the normal version, select "NONE" - this will happen automatically for you when we shut down the preview

(You may need to restart steam for your changes to take effect.)

Changelist 82062:


    [*]New translation .pot file generated with latest strings.

Bug Fixes:

    [*]Science machines would only give access to recipes once, now they work normally.

    [*]Crafting menu updates properly as you walk towards and away from a research station.

    [*]Mod icons show in the mods menu correctly.

    [*]Slurtles should no longer draw aggro when hiding.

Entire changelist up to this point:

New Creatures

    [*]Slurper: This adorable cave-dweller has a hunger for your hunger.

    [*]Rook: A new mechanical minion has been seen stomping around Maxwell’s parts of the world.

More Gemology:

    [*]Yellow and Orange gems can be found while spelunking.

    [*]Star Caller’s staff (yellow gem): Summon your very own tiny star for light and warmth!

    [*]The Lazy Forager’s amulet (orange gem): Because bending over to pick things up is so beneath you!

    [*]Telelocator Focus: Use this to control the wild energies of your Telelocator Staff.

Other improvements:

    [*]Customize controls from the main menu.

    [*]The research system has been shuffled around a bit to separate Magic and Science; build the new Prestihatitator to access the Magic side of research.

    [*]Splumonkeys will now pick up (and wear!) hats.

Bug fixes:

    [*]Shader optimizations fix some crashes on lower-end computers.

    [*]Further small fixes to Pengulls

    [*]Fix for crash when loading some games with lureplants

    [*]Many small fixes for Woodie.

    [*]Pumpkins and other non-animal inventory items can no longer be murdered.

Modding changes:

    [*]The new Modding API is beginning to take shape; functions have been added for hooking into Actions, States, and Worldgen (Levels, Tasks, and Rooms). An API example project is available here.

    [*]Example projects removed from distribution as they were not really meant for general use. These have been uploaded to the forums and maintained there.

    [*]The way tech levels in Recipes is specified has changed to reflect the new tech trees; see recipes.lua for examples of how this looks now.

    [*]In order to ensure loading consistency, “data/” has been removed from all asset paths. Assets with this in the path name will no longer load.

    [*]Thanks for your patience as things change. What these changes mean for you as a modder is explained here.

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I've experienced no crashes so far. I think it's safe to say this update is stable enough for release, at least where Windows is concerned.I do have a balance concern with a Prestihatitator, in that it always gives you back a fully repaired Top Hat AND Living Log upon being broken. Seems like an easy way to avoid using the sewing kit in my opinion. Granted you still lose 2 gold nuggets in the process. I don't know. Maybe that's a discussion for another day.

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