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  1. So broken shells actually have a use now. ...Is it wrong that this is the thing I care about the most?
  2. Wet Goop = Chocolate Pudding. Headcanon accepted.I may actually have to try this later, mainly so I can tell people I had wet goop for dessert and see their dumbfounded reactions. Thanks for the video.
  3. This is entirely incorrect. I have been able to spawn Treeguards at a perfectly normal rate with the setpiece being just a few screens away.
  4. I usually set hounds to less, so despite having made it to day 200 before, it doesn't really count. I'm working towards a normal long-run with either Wilson or Wes. I just need to find the right world.I still have an eventual goal of 5000 days. If I do ever make it, I will post a screenshot.
  5. I've experienced no crashes so far. I think it's safe to say this update is stable enough for release, at least where Windows is concerned.I do have a balance concern with a Prestihatitator, in that it always gives you back a fully repaired Top Hat AND Living Log upon being broken. Seems like an easy way to avoid using the sewing kit in my opinion. Granted you still lose 2 gold nuggets in the process. I don't know. Maybe that's a discussion for another day.
  6. 8. Tents will set themselves up and magically disappear after being used too much.9. Winter and summer each last less than a month.10. Dead people are often buried with their bath plugs and garden gnomes.11. You can make jerky in two days. (IRL it takes a few weeks at the very least.)12. Spoiled vegetables will be fine again if you put them next to fresh veggies.13. Cooking meat in a crock pot will magically conjure a large pot to hold the resulting stew.14. You can eat said pot along with the stew.15. You can make a thermometer with wood and gold. (The glass and mercury will simply appear.)16. You can put poop on nearly anything and it will instantly grow.