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  1. I suppose if you wanna make a house base a home.
  2. So broken shells actually have a use now. ...Is it wrong that this is the thing I care about the most?
  3. Some item and mob rebalances hopefully. In terms of new stuff, maybe a new mob like BEAR!s or even a new Ruins monster. Actually, I'm hoping to see a little bit of new ruins-based content, because I still think they're a bit barren as is.
  4. What's Your Opinion About Don't Starve Having Dlc?

    Many of which were sold at a discounted price during open Beta. Along with a second, free copy you could send to a friend on Steam. Over the course of half a year. During which nearly 3 dozen employees had to be paid on a regular basis. I'm not going to say they didn't make a lot of money, they made a pretty impressive amount. But their profits are more likely going to help their company grow as opposed to setting them for life as some people assume.
  5. What's Your Opinion About Don't Starve Having Dlc?

    I think that part of the reason people have been so aggravated about DLC is because the concept of downloadable content has been tragically tagged with much darker business practices. There are tons of cases of exclusive pre-order DLC. There are a large number of examples of DLC being severely underwhelming, especially when comparing their price to that of the full retail game, as a result of companies hoping to make some easy money off of people's blind willingness to buy. There have been cases of companies holding back finished content simply so they could sell it off later as DLC. (I shouldn't have to remind you guys about Mass Effect 3.) What we've been getting with Don't Starve over the past few months, and (somewhat less appropriately) over it's entire development period, is DLC in its purest form. It is content that we download. But we don't call it that. Games like Minecraft , Terraria (1.2, yaaay!), Team Fortress 2, and Don't Starve don't have "DLC". They have updates. "Update" is a term that has received less flack by gamers and consumers (then again nothing is safe from the "They changed it now it sucks" mentality from some people) because large companies and AAA developers can't as easily use it as a money making tactic. An update implies a polishing and refining of elements in the game to make it a more pleasant and enjoyable experience, done almost entirely at the expense of the developer. Granted that IS technically what we've been getting with Don't Starve, more so in the next few upcoming 'balancing' updates. So the overall root of the problem is that you can't make a chunk of content for a game, slap a price tag on it and call that an 'update'. It really is DLC, and I think a lot of people are scared or unfamiliar with that mentality, and since DLC is generally regarded as being an evil practice thanks to how the system has been abused, a lot of fans are crying foul play. The issue I have is that the people who are complaining aren't really listening to what Klei is saying and the reasoning they're giving for their decision. Logical, genuine reasons for their actions that don't really seem to scream 'We want more money from you guys, kthanks!' People look at DLC as an evil business practice but at the same time they forget that this isn't EA. It's Klei, an independent development studio full of just a small handful of creative (if a bit silly at times) individuals who have a lot of passion for what they do. In my opinion priced DLC was probably the best thing they could have done, and for two reasons: One: It gives the Devs a break. They've been working on rushing out free updates every three weeks since May. Priced DLC would likely have to be more beefy and would requre more development time. This gives everyone the ability to work at their own relative pace since there's no set deadline right at the start. I think the idea of having to get a good chunk of content out every three weeks is something that stressed them out a lot and pushed them to their extremes at times, and as a result we got a lot of really choppy updates that were slightly imbalanced and often needed serious hotfixes. Heck, they have to spend the next few updates just fixing everything again. A DLC system with sporadic and unplanned release dates is a lot more relaxed and casual and gives everyone involved a much needed breather and, like I just said, they'll be allowed an estimated deadline as opposed to a preset one. Two: They've got to! Oh, don't give me that look. I'm just being realistic. Fish need to fly, birds need to swim, rocks need to keep tigers away, and companies need to make money to stay afloat. That's just how life works. I'm not calling Klei out as greedy, money-hoarding scumbags, I'm just calling them out as a business. The more money they have, the better games they can make, and the better games we can play. (I've seen Incognita, and I'm very excited for it.) Yes, the DLC is largely an opportunity for them to make more of money off of Don't Starve, but can someone explain to me why this is a bad thing? I don't have a problem with companies milking something for more money, I just have a problem with companies milking something for more money and then being huge jerks about it. And I know people will be concerned about price, but they really need to stop being so paranoid. I mean, it's Klei. They've always been as involved with us as they can, and I have a pretty good feeling that whatever content they release will be reasonably priced. Don't Starve is growing up, but Klei is the same as they've ever been.
  6. Attack Controls

    Don't worry. Someone will make a whiffing mod.
  7. What Is Your Favourite Food?

    Dragonpie. It's so broken.
  8. An Update on Don’t Starve

    Well, while I'm not exactly happy with your decision, I understand and completely respect it. Plus a DLC pack sounds like a really cool idea. I mean what you guys have added so far since release could already be considered an expansion pack by its own merits.The ruins look incredible, so as long as we're still getting those, I have zero complaints.
  9. Gif Thread

  10. REAL Wet Goop Recipe - *VIDEO*

    Wet Goop = Chocolate Pudding. Headcanon accepted.I may actually have to try this later, mainly so I can tell people I had wet goop for dessert and see their dumbfounded reactions. Thanks for the video.
  11. Most Annoying Monster To Fight?

    I don't think he's the hardest, that'd be Deerclops.I just think he's the most annoying. The ability to hit you from a distance is bothersome when you've got hounds to deal with, especially when there's multiple camps at once. Not to mention this crap:
  12. Most Annoying Monster To Fight?

    You don't really 'fight' the Gobbler. You just chase it around while screaming expletives.
  13. What's this? (Unknown set piece)

    Mine was rather small.
  14. I know what the next update is!!!!

    This thread is pointless and dumb, as well as an insult to the intelligence of both the forum users and the developers. Requesting close.
  15. Maxwell Q and A

    Maxwell, how many licks does it take to get to the Tootsie Roll center of a Tootsie Pop?