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  1. This is BRILLIANT! Klei? Are you seeing this? So far the Ocean has but been a functionless skybox to encase the world. Summer is about going to the beach, taking dips in the water to cool yourself. Why didn't anyone else think of this? A reason to build yourself a "Summer Residence" near the ocean. You can keep the other mechanics for Summer, so inland bases are possible, but the smart guy will move out to the ocean in the heat wave!
  2. Back on track with this one: The cave challenges are too heavy right now I feel too. No reason to go down there. That is my experience from playing the DLC this beta. So I agree with OP on this. Problem is that the challenge the caves now throws at you is EVEN MORE ITEM JUGGLING AND MAKING BARS GO UP/DOWN. That is not Fun in my books, as I think a bit too much is centered around Item Juggling already.
  3. Indeed. I hope they'd leave Autumn as this respite, and then focus on differentiating the challenges of summer from those of winter.
  4. Aren't Summer and Winter sort of the same thing? Wear hat, don't starve, stay in the correct temperature?
  5. Spent an hour with this build this early morning, didn't have any crashes. Could create Carpeted Flooring again
  6. Do it with charcoal. 1 charcoal means 1 map note.
  7. Solvite, I'd still say that if you get some COD'er to build a snazzy farm in Minecraft, Creativity already won a major victory Don't Starve is also creative, but the playpieces are fewer than Minecraft. They are also more focussed. Don't Starve has this goal for you as a player. Where as Minecraft has "do whatever, as long as you have fun" as its goal.I get killed in day 12 still, just because I try to do stuff differently. And get 'orribly punished by it
  8. As for Zomboid: The Devs have scaled up development by hiring more people and have held back on releases for quite a while now. At least 6 months. From what I see it is converging more towards Don't Starve in the sense that you CAN sustain. Farming will now be integrated as a feature if I understood correctly.However, the slant is more towards combat and scavenging, and exploration makes sense in an entirely different way than Don't Starve. In Don't Starve I rarely see a reason to explore much once I find what I wanted. This is the main concerne for me about the game right now - why bother exploring any more once you located the required things for your setup?In Zomboid there are items you know exist after a few playthroughs, but you don't know where to find them each time. Also you are very much concerned in finding Safe Houses that are Ideal until the shambling hordes find you and you're forced to scramble. In Don't Starve there isn't really any reason to move out of your camp once it is setup. Hounds will track you down no matter where you are, so why move at all, then? Run home and setup traps and wait. In Zomboid this eventually leads to 500 corpses hammering on every door and window, and you gotta scramble.The Emergent Storytelling aspect of it is not happening right now. The idea is that the game will feature thousands of written lines for NPCs and it runs a metagame that tracks and takes care of NPCs when they are off screen. So it is more like a simulation where any storytelling emerges from your interpretation of the events as they unfold. I am sure it is going to be a great game.
  9. Well, there once was a research system. It was taken out. It was kind of fun to feed the science machine. Why not connect the Sandbox mode to the Adventure mode by actions the player carries out in Sandbox mode?One of the things I miss about Don't Starve is the lack of Reason to explore the world. Introducing treasures like you did with this update made it fun to go around exploring and run into an abandoned farm. Yay me! Free shovel and fields to plant.But nothing I do here will affect my interest or options for Adventure mode. How if I fed the Science Machine I would unlock something that led towards Adventure mode? It could be the Adventure mode itselfIt could be revelations of a map piece that contained an gizmo needed to start in Adventure modeIt could be that completing tasks in Sandbox mode such as getting a Koalephant Trunk, Spider Queen's Head and and MacTusk hat would be trigger that had Maxwell drop a hint about how to start Adventure mode. Or just allow you to start it.Sandbox games have this annoying thing built in to them: They have no purpose. Sandboxes are for toddlers, Real men play Games with goals (I know it isn't true but Sandbox just makes me think nondirected fun) It is just semantics, really, but tie the Sandbox into the Adventure mode as a Prologue really. Once you can master MacTusk, FireHounds, find a Koalephant and down a Spider Queen you're ready to go!
  10. Yes of course, but it somehow makes combat part of the game, and it is not a last resort as I see it. You have to do it!
  11. Oh, so we're going to harvest silk off the mulberry bushes and its silkworms? Combat is your only source of silk!
  12. Please keep being bold. Please keep pulling the players out of our comfort zones. It is now the time to be bold is here. So far I sunk 50 hours into this game. FIFTY HOURS! Damnit. My wife asks me "Oh, you're chopping trees again?" and I can only say to her that for me, this is Relaxation And players adapt. They always did. This weeks Impossable OMG Odds, will be trivial in 14 days. So, from an excited beta player who also get frustrated, I encourage you to do bold experiments. See where this can go, and Winter Update is perhaps the most fundamentally changing and exciting thing to happen to Don't Starve since I jumped on board at the Spoiled Rotten updaste.
  13. What requires fixing of the roads? There are two kinds now: paths and roads?
  14. I think the double-nerf on combat was hard. I like that spiders are no longer 2-click pushovers, but hitting me both on equipment durability and lowering my damage was perhaps a little surprising. However, I would let some time pass before I commit to asking for a de-nerf.There are a lot more pig houses scattered around, which makes it less problematic to recruit pigs to help me.
  15. Aye, it is like they Don't Get-it! I reckon playing any particular game together with a friend is immensely fun in most situations. But what is this obsession about forcing MP down onto everything. Its like those ketchup addicts who are unable to enjoy any kind of meal without plastering it with ketchup.