Bees just a bit too strong?

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I usually am all for extra difficulty trust me, but I guess I really didn't expect bees to do as much damage as they did to me. I got to day 16 and was taking out dogs and tall birds and tree giants, and then decided to grab some bees. Before I even could tell what happened I was dead. I was even wearing armor.

I know now how to handle them, don't get me wrong, it was mostly me underestimating bees, but I suppose the point is.... should bees really be more feared than dogs and tallbirds?

The way they damage you is almost like ghosts. If you get a swarm on you, you just take constant damage, and if you're in the middle of an animation while being swarmed, you're basically dead.

Anyways, I'm wondering what you guys think on this. Like I said, after being killed by them, I know what I should do now to not die, so I wouldn't mind if bees were still as strong as they are. I guess maybe make the dogs a little more powerful or something, since I felt like I was king of the world until lolbees.

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They are bee's that are half your size, and remember, a bee sting isn't just a hand size stinger piercing you, it also has a chemical component. I think the damage is accurate to how the bee's are displayed. If one is silly enough to attack a hive or some such, and gets killed, well that is more due to ones own silly-ness than any overpowered damage from the bees. The beekeeper hat is also terribly effective, so any reduction to damage would just remove the consequences of bad decisions related to bees (being under-prepared, being sorry instead of safe, which was what happened in your case). Most bad decisions in this game commonly result in death, and it seems to be the intended consequence. I do agree that dogs should be stronger though.

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I've yet to die to bees. Any time I've been attacked by bees, I just kite them around in circles until they get distracted. They seem to have a really short attention span (at least, they did before the patch. I'm not sure if their behavior has been modified since I haven't angered any for a while now).

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It's not that they are strong, it's that there's a lot of them. You should never attack a beehive directly without taking down the roaming bees individually beforehand.

That way you won't face more than 2/3 bees at the same time.

It's not a balance issue, it's a common sense issue :D

Different creatures, different attack approaches. That's what makes the game fun and not another hack&slash clone.

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