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  1. Hardmode!?

    I use "Bee Bombs" to kill Tentacles ... I like the idea of the dogs.
  2. Hardmode!?

    I mean, I like to have a reson to do this. Something like: Every day you get more hunger or ... I dont know.
  3. multiplayer or co-op?

    It would be funny to play "Don´t Starve" in a kind of deathmatch ... so your mission is to steal the limitet supplies from your mates and fight for your life^^
  4. I find it kind of funny. Bees are cute ... just wear the beekeeper´s hat and everything gonna be alright^^
  5. I would like to have a kind of hardcore mode, so that it´s difficult to survive 5 days. I just think it´s a little bit too easy to don´t starve, especially when you live near buffalos and can skip the night with a bed. Any ideas? (Sorry for bad english)