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  1. Underestimated bees in the new update. The rest of the deaths have almost always been tentacles. I'll be walking somewhere, take my eyes of the screen for a second, and find out I walked by a tentacle and get killed. Those things will seriously kill you if you don't pay attention. Also my log armor was low. All around I just wasn't really paying attention.
  2. I hate the term gamer, and especially girl gamer. I find this thread creepy
  3. what, I should have two computers just so my gf and I can play Don't Starve? I think that's pretty dumb thing not think about. I'm sure they having something planned for this issue at least. I'd hope.
  4. I usually am all for extra difficulty trust me, but I guess I really didn't expect bees to do as much damage as they did to me. I got to day 16 and was taking out dogs and tall birds and tree giants, and then decided to grab some bees. Before I even could tell what happened I was dead. I was even wearing armor. I know now how to handle them, don't get me wrong, it was mostly me underestimating bees, but I suppose the point is.... should bees really be more feared than dogs and tallbirds? The way they damage you is almost like ghosts. If you get a swarm on you, you just take constant damage, and if you're in the middle of an animation while being swarmed, you're basically dead. Anyways, I'm wondering what you guys think on this. Like I said, after being killed by them, I know what I should do now to not die, so I wouldn't mind if bees were still as strong as they are. I guess maybe make the dogs a little more powerful or something, since I felt like I was king of the world until lolbees.
  5. oh god, I can't get it out. I'm sure there will be more music put in the game, but I really would like to make sure we get some. Mostly just different day themes. I'd really like to see some different music play for every different day so it doesn't get stale. Maybe have certain music for certain biomes and have the music transition into it really well. Example: Banjo Kazooie/Tooie music. I'd really like something like that. Anything to just get some more music for the day cycle. It's maddening listening to it day after day. Some good music will really keep this game going and will keep it memorable for years. I know some of the only reason I remember to play games like Dustforce or Scott Pilgrim again is because the music is so good and so diverse. I hope we can get something like that in this game too since we're expected to play it for so long. I'm sure there's more music on the way, but like I said, try to find a way to spice it up and make it unique. Music for different days, or music that matches biomes and transitions with you or maybe something cooler.
  6. I actually like the idea of randomly generated starting scenarios. I'd like to see a bit more than just "fight or flight" and what not, but I can really see what you mean. It would make that intro with Maxwell feel a lot safer and less boring when there's a lot of other ways to start the world. Also like someone else said, I would like there to be options to turn it off or pick what scenario you start with. Customization is always good. Anyways, I like it
  7. No. Game is easy enough as it is and killing them is easy. If you do it right, you can kill them without even taking a single hit. Considering how much food beefalo will give you, they should be hard to kill. If anything, they should be harder to kill.
  8. Aah, I never knew that if you just start taking down trees and not planting them it would make them more likely to appear. That's actually really cool. It makes sense because my gf was burning trees left and right and not planting anything back. I think I could take my statement back now that I know its not completely random. I would like to see a few more though as the days go on to make the game harder, but I do like where they're at. Thanks for lettin me know
  9. It's a simple suggestion. I played this game for such a long time. I did one game to 38 days and cut down a massive number of trees and never stumbled upon the tree monster that I saw in the Steam trailer. I figured maybe it wasn't in game yet. Then I watched my gf playing, and I saw it appear finally on her 5th day. I thought they were pretty cool, and wished I had seen some since it was so dull and simple to get trees. I'd like to see those guys spawn some more. Not a crap ton, but it would be nice to actually see them at least once or twice when you survive 30 days. I think anything would help right now to make this game a bit more of a challenge, and it'd force the player to stay on their toes just a bit more.
  10. Thank you. That's what I've been saying. I think this is the perfect way to add challenge to the game seeing as it goes at everyone's pace.
  11. The game is easy enough. It's supposed to be a challenge to survive, not "oh wow I lost a few of my berries what am I gonna do" the game is obviously not about making one giant camp and living there forever. You have to go out and explore and deal with things that want to kill you and mess you up. It should be a challenge to make it to day 30.
  12. This game is extremely easy as it is. A cooked Tallbird egg almost fills up your stomach. It's just way too strong and way too easy. It needs to heal less damage and not fill your stomach up as much and also it needs to be harder to get.
  13. I have that problem too, but its a very simple and quick fix. All you have to do is drag the screen up or down or left or right a bit and it works fine. I'm sure this will be fixed Soon, don't worry.
  14. That's the point of the game though. For things to be difficult. If they made a vehicle in game to cross the island in a flash, you'd never need to leave home for the night. You'd just go explore some distant part of the island and come back to your base safe and sound. I personally really like that if I want to go somewhere far, I have to abandon my camp for a few days and survive a few nights alone. As for boats, yes, I love that idea as plenty of others said. But keep it to water vehicles.
  15. That's what I was saying in my post. It's not grinding to get XP. I knew people would assume that if you "level up" you have to grind something. It's just playing the game at your own pace. If playing the game and doing various things count as grinding, then we might as well be saying that playing Mario is grinding. The way Vichi explained it is more of a point system. The more you do in the world, the harder it'll be. It's really perfect for this game seeing how easy it is to survive. I like the idea that you won't survive forever. What's the point in playing if you're going to be able to just live off a farm forever? The fun part should be trying to last longer and longer each time. Not just lasting forever one time and having nothing to do. I personally hope that's not what this game will be about. As for the hunger complaints and what not, how about after a set of "xp" points, your hunger will hit a cap. That way you won't constantly getting hungrier and hungrier and by say day 50 you'll go hungry in one minute. Another way around it is to just make food harder to find which is probably already what is going to happen in game as it is. What I'm basically saying is, I think this is just the perfect idea. Just change the wording of "exp" and "leveling up" and I'm sure everyone would basically agree.