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Replayability needs to be addressed, the game is only in alpha and so there will be many updates to look forward to, meaning every few weeks there's always new content to be discovered and enjoyed.

But I feel that with no multiplayer, it would be wise to look at possible ways to make the game feel alot more dynamic each playthrough. I am aware that you can generate new worlds, which means you will have to explore the terrain all over again, but the beginning is roughly always the same- get flint, grass and twigs- then chop down some wood and get a few berries/carrot which wraps up the first day and night. You don't change your pattern of behaviour even though the map might be slightly different every time.

Solution? Plunge the survivor into randomly generated scenarios at the beginning of every playthrough. Below are some examples of scenarios that I'd like to see.

1) fight or flight scenario. For example, you might begin the game just before dusk, you have a torch already and enough food to last the night but ****, you're surrounded by spider dens and they're going to spurt out spiders very Soon. Stay and fight? Or run like hell?

2) The last meal scenario. You wake up next to a fire, you're hungry and need food asap, you're already given an axe and there are rabbits running around everywhere. Are you going to run around and hope to find some berries/carrot or try your luck and ambush a rabbit before it escapes into its rabbit hole?

3) The normal (Maxwell) beginning. With all the other possible starting scenarios, I'd definitely feel relieved to have this 'normal' beginning once in a while instead of thinking it was boring.

I have read that seasons and weather are going to be perhaps implemented, this will definitely help spice up the game and make every playthrough feel more unique as long as weather and season have an effect on resources and the wildlife that appear.

You can think of more scenarios, but the main idea is just to make the game feel different from the beginning so each playthrough feels more organic and vastly different.

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These 'starting scenarios' would actually be pretty fun, yeah. Would need a few others to justify a choice of customization (like turning on or off that option) unless the devs like it and feel it adds enought (without beeing too imabalanced). Personnaly, I like the random factor mixed with the suprise of the fear of the moment. Shouldn't be any "normal", if weather is coming, could add any type of non-sunny to the initial day.

Other factor to remember is the lore, which hasn't been touched yet. There might be something planned with the guy introducing you to our new world. Might not work with the scenarios, who knows.

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I actually like the idea of randomly generated starting scenarios. I'd like to see a bit more than just "fight or flight" and what not, but I can really see what you mean. It would make that intro with Maxwell feel a lot safer and less boring when there's a lot of other ways to start the world.

Also like someone else said, I would like there to be options to turn it off or pick what scenario you start with. Customization is always good. Anyways, I like it

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