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  1. Still works tho, right click can remain as eat or plant if food or bushes are selected. It's only outside of food/bush selection that right click becomes the new action.Buuut is there something else i might have forgotten that right click does? mind block.
  2. With the winter update, Don't Starve is feeling more and more complete. I especially like the tweaks to combat, Pigmen kiting you really spices things up.I don't know how hard this will be coding wise, but what if we had a left-hand and right-hand equip slot? The right mouse button does nothing as far as I'm aware and that's a waste. If we're able to right-hand equip a spear and left-hand equip a boomerang, that will make combat more interesting. We can also take this further and allow players to right-hand equip a pickaxe, left-hand equip a torch which gives players more options at night (mining hat) so that early on in the game we have the option of either hugging the fireplace or doing some night-time spider hunting or faraway resource gathering.Also, because the each hand corresponds to a different mouse button, we can include another combat feature: shields. Shields can only be equipped to the right-hand (right mouse button), it can be clicked for a 1 second block, which takes skill to time, but gives you a very beneficial damage block and alternative to kiting.
  3. Lol wow dude, were those pics necessary? You could have said it was a bad idea, give your reasons and leave it at that. Why cook up that put-down response, bit much aye...?
  4. And oh yea, forgot to add that you should also make it that you can save the endgame movie and then share it with other Don't Starve enthusiasts on YouTube or w/e. I'd love to watch other people's endgame movies.
  5. Okay, let me start with the story about my first smallbird. I loved the idea of having a companion, so when the patch came out, I promptly got my hands on a Tallbird egg and spent days and nights hatching it, making sure the temperature was just right. It was a long wait, but eventually, out popped a smallbird and it was the cutest thing I'd ever seen (which is funny, cos I find Tallbirds disgusting). At night when I wandered too far, he'd wake and hop over to where I was (even thought he was going to peck me), and that made me smile, so I made up my mind not to wander too far from him at night. On our first day, we went to gather twigs and berries, and I discovered that he could attack birds and jackalopes. Hearing that warcry chirp of his was priceless. Again I smiled and made a mental note not to put him in danger, so no more attacking pigmen or beefaloes. So on my way back to base, I absent mindedly walked over toothtraps which I'd built to keep Hounds at bay. And it happened, my smallbird died walking over the toothtraps because he didn't know better. My heart sank, I had only myself to blame. And ever since, I've not hatched another smallbird... why? Well because then I won't think my first Smallbird was special anymore because the second would act exactly the same. What I'm trying to get at is this. If indeed Don't Starve is about creating a rich, deep and personal experience then please implement unique and rare behaviours for some of the mobs. Pigmen are intelligent (look at the pig shelters lol), yet they all act the same and ask for food or run away from you and that's fine, but what would happen if once in a blue moon, a pigman came up to you and gave you a flower he'd just picked up? Don't know about you, but I'd smile. I'd normally not give pigmen meat unless I want them as footmen, but if a pigman did that, I'd be happy to call him friend and I'd give him a hat and to me he's special. Another example is, say you're wandering around in winter and you happen across a Tallbird. It's winter, he's dying and nestled around his egg. You walk up to him, but he doesn't attack you like all the other Tallbirds. He looks at you, then looks at his egg. The Tallbird gives the egg a gentle nudge and it rolls off the nest and lands at your feet. He gives a long sad wail, he wants you to care for it and raise it in his place. And as you take the egg, his eye closes and he's dead, frozen in place (you can come back and his body will still be there). So now you have this Tallbird egg, are you going to eat it? I'd take it home and hatch it, and this particular smallbird turns out to be the most annoying lil pecker ever (randomly eats berries from my bushes!) I'd still care for it. It's kinda my responsibility now. I'd like to smile more when playing Don't Starve. But it's hard to care about any of the inhabitants/characters in Don't Starve and that's disappointing for a single player game that's trying to offer immersion and deep personal experiences... The examples I've given are just examples, but I hope you get the idea... Another problem I have with this game is, when I die, I'm slightly annoyed. But that's not what I'd like to feel. I don't have a problem with dying but if I die on day 200, all that greets me is a 'YOU ARE DEAD!' screen and an XP bar. I'd like to reflect on the journey and feel like I've just played through a unique story. So maybe show me a short movie of all the important events that have happened. My first smallbird. First time befriending a pig. Running away from a treeguard. Etc... Make it a quick montage (NO HUD PLS), with music appropriately sombre/bittersweet. This movie ending would only trigger if you've survived long enough and have had enough unique experiences (so it kinda relates to my earlier suggestion about unique behaviour). Pretty long post. Sorry for the walls of text.
  6. Maybe a carriage can be introduced into 'Don't starve' as a transport possibility, drawn by pigs or beefalos. You craft the carriage, then you bait pigs or beefalos with meat/grass to harness them. You can't use the cab to run away from mobs because a perquisite would involve feeding the pig/beefalo a minimum of X meat/grass before you're able set off. The animals should wander off if you don't feed them, wander too far away from the carriage or if they're spooked by monsters. It should be commonplace for you to ride the cab to a faraway destination but not have a ride back. I like the idea of having vehicles in 'Don't starve' but I don't think it should be reliable, easily accessible/crafted or abused (used to escape from monsters).
  7. I don't think this is intentional, but if you equip on and off a torch quickly enough, it doesn't wear out. Thought devs should know, and change it so that whenever you equip a torch it loses 1% of its durability.
  8. Replayability needs to be addressed, the game is only in alpha and so there will be many updates to look forward to, meaning every few weeks there's always new content to be discovered and enjoyed. But I feel that with no multiplayer, it would be wise to look at possible ways to make the game feel alot more dynamic each playthrough. I am aware that you can generate new worlds, which means you will have to explore the terrain all over again, but the beginning is roughly always the same- get flint, grass and twigs- then chop down some wood and get a few berries/carrot which wraps up the first day and night. You don't change your pattern of behaviour even though the map might be slightly different every time. Solution? Plunge the survivor into randomly generated scenarios at the beginning of every playthrough. Below are some examples of scenarios that I'd like to see. 1) fight or flight scenario. For example, you might begin the game just before dusk, you have a torch already and enough food to last the night but ****, you're surrounded by spider dens and they're going to spurt out spiders very Soon. Stay and fight? Or run like hell? 2) The last meal scenario. You wake up next to a fire, you're hungry and need food asap, you're already given an axe and there are rabbits running around everywhere. Are you going to run around and hope to find some berries/carrot or try your luck and ambush a rabbit before it escapes into its rabbit hole? 3) The normal (Maxwell) beginning. With all the other possible starting scenarios, I'd definitely feel relieved to have this 'normal' beginning once in a while instead of thinking it was boring. I have read that seasons and weather are going to be perhaps implemented, this will definitely help spice up the game and make every playthrough feel more unique as long as weather and season have an effect on resources and the wildlife that appear. You can think of more scenarios, but the main idea is just to make the game feel different from the beginning so each playthrough feels more organic and vastly different.
  9. Could be an old hag, who lives with 9 cats. She steers away from the survivor, but you can find her cats wandering around on the map, and if you trap them, collect them, then the old hag will stalk you and maybe confront you... Could be big foot, could be Abraham Lincoln... I think what's important is to have an inhabitant on lurking around somewhere... and he/she/it won't appear or interact with the survivor unless you take/collect something that belongs to the elusive individual... If you wanted, you don't even have to bother. I just feel like 'don't starve' should have a few colorful inhabitants that are kinda unique and don't appear unless special conditions have been met.
  10. I don't believe Slenderman should be in 'Don't starve' either. I just like the idea of having an elusive inhabitant in 'Don't starve' that only appears if you find and collect certain items scattered throughout the game...
  11. I would like to suggest the developers to look towards the game Slender and incorporate the option for survivors to collect a set of items scattered throughout the game which will increase the chances of encountering a special, but otherwise, elusive inhabitant (doesn't have to be Slenderman). The items don't have to be notes, like they are in Slender, you could work it into the game. For example they could be a set of clothes (hat, suit and accessories) and just maybe someone isn't all too happy seeing the survivor prance around the island wearing clothes that don't belong to him. EDIT** interactions with said creature could prove interesting. You could return to him his belongings and perhaps he'll leave you alone. Set his belongings on fire, and you probably piss him off and he'll confront you directly instead of simply stalking you. etc etc I am enjoying the game immensely, but admittedly, I'm reaching a point where there is not much to do, which is why I look forward to the next update. I look forward to the dart gun especially. EDIT*** I don't want to see slender in 'Don't starve', the main idea behind my suggestion was to have a unique inhabitant lurking around somewhere, that can only be encountered and interacted with after meeting certain conditions.