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  1. Where would you guys place your winter camp ? Near pig camp or beefalos ? Or other mods like the fishmen or spiders ? What make the better allies or is it better to just try and 1v1 the deerclops ?
  2. "FairyTales" suggestion-pack

    Well, I guess the mushroom question is now obsolete... I guess they figured it was more realistic on the ground. I don't blame them.And I can't rule out rain too, since we have it ! Can't wait to see if it has some similar effects to the ones we discussed and I wrote in the first page. Hum.
  3. "FairyTales" suggestion-pack

    So many references ! You guys are on fire :pSo about those mushrooms... You figure it'd be better to switch the title to "fungus" ?Or put them somewhere else ?Or not change anything ?
  4. "FairyTales" suggestion-pack

    Very legit point actually
  5. Walfred the Miner

    These are many specials. And the last one, of just 5% is kind of... Really minor. Doesn't justify switching to him in any way. So he's some kind of wolfgang, but with bonus in mining ? Why not, yeah.
  6. The Underground

    Last time i was talking in a thread about caves, that was the conclusion. Best visual example are undergrounds from warcraft 1.
  7. A whole Shlew of IDEAS!

    This ? I didn't add any rope in my recipe So it's exactly as you said. Winter destroying it is good. Unless winter takes too long to come. Other wise, when the scarerow is "swipping" to scare off the animals, he might be slower and slower in his animation, until the moment where he doesn't seems to have any more strengh in his arms and just lays there, like some lifeless (normal) scarecrow. You could just hammer it and rebuild a new one. Unless maybe you have an idea of feeding it with something to give it new life ? the amulet maybe ?
  8. A whole Shlew of IDEAS!

    Someone was talking about giant snails at somepoint if I recall... I will add in the future the durability factor to the scarecrow in my "fairytales" suggestion, it's true I didn't talk about that one.
  9. [Gameplay] Items sliding out of bounds

    same here :
  10. Give us a reason to explore

    Well, since the game is lacking more content, it's lacking reasons for exploration. Things will come in due time. Let's not forget this is only Beta Your suggestions seem to be a bit overpowered, the game is pretty easy already, I don't feel like we need infinite X or better stuff or more rewards. Especially not from something as simple as "exploring". Just my two cents.
  11. My bro mobius said everything allready but... The use of the tent would be even less relevant if we weren't switching to Wilson anymore. But I think the balance issue is the best "no" argument for this suggestion.
  12. Candles

    True, but then, candles would fit well in the art of the game I reckon. Maybe a earlier tech to the glowing lanterns ? Hard decision, it sure isn't necessary... Maybe just having infinite candles near graveyards would be cool. I'm just imagining a candle getting blown out (wind or the troll from my "fairytales" suggestions) would be pretty cool to witness.
  13. Well, characters don't have cons atm. It's just really a matter of what ability you what at a present moment. That should also be considered.
  14. I like the initial idea, not too sure about the gameplay implementation of it. Only down side is that, you'r kind of a bit forced intot what you'r going to eat next. I get it's supposed to focus the player on variety, but isn't choice of each player to do as he pleases better ? I'd keep this idea in the back of our minds and wait for more content to come along, so if that can balance something else or disappear altogether.
  15. Unlocking Characters

    Sounds like the boring achievements form minecraft kind of thing : eazy and expected. I don't see better interest in it just for the fact is lacks originality compared to the actual system of actually having you die, having you to make the choice of letting go of all you have for a new world... Kind of a sadistic way, like I guess is the lore, being kind of "droped" on some unknown world with the sole purpose of not starving. Wouldn't mind an achievement thingy, but that suggestion doesn't match the value I give to the actual situation. Just my opinion.