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Hi guys,

I was day 100+ when game crashed on steam, so i have to start again.

IMO vegetables are not a great deal in DontStarve, farming pigs is way more easier.

Actually i think you dont need to grow anything at all to survive. Meat is enough.

Cooking things is useless. They dont stack. Meat does.

What do you think ?

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Bunnies and berries make for fine basic foods, as does the killing of pigs for some meat. Farms can be very handy since cooked vegetables fill a lot and are far from useless, even if they cant stack. Even combining a few simple berries gives you something handy and tasty.

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I always make my camp next to a spider den, get a crockpot and start making food out of the monster meat the spiders drop. I currently have 3 crockpots which I use to make kabobs each night.

All the other kind of meat is for the Pig King!

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I think it really boils down to the fact that Pig Men respawning out of every single house, every single morning, is too much of a good thing. You can isolate them and pick them off for easy, respawning meat; use them for near-infinite Manure if there aren't any Beefalo around; and they'll fight to the death to protect you from Tree Guards and other baddies (Spiders) even if you haven't bribed any with meat snacks lately. Putting your "permanent" camp in or near their town is a great idea, with the only downside being that you probably want to move any Bee-housing operations offscreen a bit, just in case.

It's not that Vegetables are bad; it's that Pig Meat (and Pig Men respawns) are far, far too good.

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I actually use the crock pot excessively, always having at least 2 of them, or 3. unless I go out to explore, I never have food on me to safe up inventory slots, instead, I always have already finished food sitting in my crock pots waiting for my return. since many recipes provide you with food that can fill up your hungermeter almost completely, I tend to go out do my stuff during the day, and return on nightfall, eat something, and do some in camp stuff.

stackable food is something I only use when I go out on exploration trips, since then it is definately better, not statwise, but it can stack. but I am picky with that too, I actually take only cooked meat or cooked pumpkin with me, everything else went in the crock pot.

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