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Post your Don't Starve videos here

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I didn't see thread for Don't Starve videos, so here we go. If there is a thread and I was too damn stupid to notice, then by all means, delete/lock this thread and laugh at me, in that order or however you wish.

Edit: actually, I think if we all use the insert video option, this thread is going to being extremely laggy, so I'll just leave a link instead. 8-)

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Sorry to burst your bubble but there already is a thread for this. Not used much though…

Toaster you are the most efficient thread catalog I have ever seen. Although I did tag it Let's Play so a search would do the job, oh well, all hail the more powerful thread. Certainly more LPers out here than I thought there were when I showed up! I'm excited to see some of the different takes on the game. Enjoy folks.

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I'll just leave my play list here. I don't really do let's plays. I stream live on Twitch.tv every day. These are some of my first failures in Don't Starve. I chose to play the game without reading/watching/learning anything about it at all before hand. The only thing I had seen was another streamer running around some pig people! lol...

So yeah... Here are my 3 failure videos.

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