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  1. I'll just leave my play list here. I don't really do let's plays. I stream live on Twitch.tv every day. These are some of my first failures in Don't Starve. I chose to play the game without reading/watching/learning anything about it at all before hand. The only thing I had seen was another streamer running around some pig people! lol... So yeah... Here are my 3 failure videos.
  2. I'm extremely excited about ALL of that. I have a feeling this is going to turn into a difficulty level directly related to it's namesake. Gone Be GUD! After playing and stopping at day 50 something and then again to day 100, my understanding of the game has changed. The recent updates were EXACTLY down the right track in my opinion.
  3. Sounds like a great idea. I agree that in a single forum thread, eventually it gets too long and the first page will be the most looked at page. The idea of having an entire forum where a poster can have his own thread sounds good. Then the videos that get the most love on the forums tend to rise to the top instead of the really good stuff being mired somewhere down in the middle of 15 pages of stuff.
  4. Sounds good. I'm new to these forums and was just turned on to this game a couple of days ago. Doing our best to promote this game and support the small developers. I came back today after more play time to talk about the Berry issue and saw that there is a patch to fix it Looks like everything is headed in the right direction to me!
  5. First off, excellent game. I am greatly enjoying playing and my viewers have loved it as well. I look forward to (hopefully) more randomization, more items, more characters, more area types, more monsters and so on. These are the things that make this game amazing for me thus far. More sudden, oh-crap, random encounters as well. For instance: the first time I encountered a Treant, I tried to burn it down with a torch. It followed me into my camp (conveniently ringed in trees) where it burned the trees, my camp and myself to the ground. That was the end of game 1 at 10 days and it was super exciting! After streaming this on Twitch today for 8 to 10 hours, I realized one thing. The game does not have a driving force besides just making up things to do for yourself. Once you get research handled and/or get a farm going and a little base of operations, you are pretty much invincible for the long haul. I don't think merely adding a difficulty level would fix this. I think there will need to be some driving force to make you keep going forward besides survive for x-amount of days. Now maybe I haven't played it long enough and something crazy happens along these lines, but it didn't seem like it was going to. Maybe add something like areas that die out after a while and you have to relocate/move on for a long time before it comes back into productivity? I'm not really sure yet. Looking forward to the upcoming development of this game. Also, thanks for visiting our stream and being awesome Devs! Wes www.twitch.tv/wearetheromantics www.wearetheromantics.com