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Lightning Spears and... lightnings


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Maybe one of those ideas that arrive too late, but a friend suggested me something I haven't heard of yet and I just liked the thought so I'm sharing it.

Equipped Elding / Lightning Spears could grant lightning protection same to the kind of a Lightning Rod. The spears wouldn’t even need to absorb lightning damage as they’ll be generally paired with insulated clothes for their wetness protection (and what's 10 7 dmg to Wigfrid anyway). The novelty here is to introduce a portable device to protect the world from your presence since it's where lightnings will occur.

notsolightningspear.gif.09025d5a210a467067a6978afb4983f2.gif "The power of lightning is yours to command" after all, but it’s a bit of an overstatement currently. :distracted: 

This is essentially what the Thunderhat from Hamlet does and since Wigfrid can share uncharged spears to other characters, anyone could benefit from it, neat. Also if we want a similar effect but common to all characters I'd even recommend giving this property to the Fencing Sword lol. I would literally keep one on me on spring just for that.

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20 minutes ago, chirsg said:

I agree. But there should be a side effect as well when Wigfrid is struck while holding an Elding Spear.....




Charged Wigfrid: +10% damage and electric damage ON all attacks (basically volt-goat jelly) for 2 in game days or until you get hit, but when you get hit, you get a electrical shield for 0.5s, dealing 50 (electrical) damage to whatever hits you during that half second.

oh by the by, the charged effect does stack with Volt goat jelly's effect.

because why have one charge when you can have double the charge.

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