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How to plant so many fig trees ??

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If someone have the answer that will make my life faster, I was just browsing on the INTERNET. (and the forums) and I saw people in their base with billions of fig trees in one spot. How do you do that exactly?? 

I know how to get the seeds obviously duh. And I know how to grow them and all that blablabla.

You just drop them all in one spot ?

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40 minutes ago, Valase said:

Gather a bunch of the giant seeds, make a boat with the pinch, and put them one by one on the pinch and then in the water. They will grow one at a time (seed-> tree -> above average -> next seed).

It should be mentioned the reason that occurs is because while the knobbly tree saplings have checks to not grow if something is near/around them (like if a boat is on top/near them or a knobbly tree itself), they (ironically) don’t check for above average trees in this, so they can directly grow/stack on top of them. This is why the stacking works out.

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2 hours ago, Captain_Rage said:

You have to figure it out.

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Get it? Fig-ure it out.


I'm ready to swear just to lock this topic to hide this joke forever.

Also, thanks everyone ! It worked, man that community is awesome. Too-doo-loo

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