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W.A.R.B.I.S providing more interactive stats

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Vague title, please bear with me.

Much like my previous thread, here:

I present another concept of mine that I have been sitting on for a long time now.

This however is less direct gameplay, and more information the player can obtain.
Like the other idea in the previous thread, this is something I've been wanting to execute for years, I just haven't found the right method to do so. I think now, I have a solid idea of how to go about it. WARBIS.

This thread isn't going to go over how the WARBIS armor fairs with its current placement, but rather just introduce a concept I think would seamlessly fit with the armor set. I'd recommend talk as to how the armor currently fairs in execution be taken to its own domain.

The concept is that the WARBIS armor would provide more beneficial details about the enemy you're currently fighting, the two specific examples that come to mind are Health, and possibly speed. Speed being the lesser of the two, when it boils down to importance.
I've made a rough mock up here:
The speed stat is not particularly useful, and doesn't apply to all threats. Still, the novelty of comparing foes' movement speed is there.
(I have considered other statistics being shown, such as attack range, but I felt that might've been too much, and didn't pursue the though further.)

Lore wise, the WARBIS armor supposedly scans and adjusts itself so the wearer can keep up with its target.
I imagine it'd be fitting for it to display a health bar, of sorts. It doesn't have to be exact details and numbers, it could be a vague visual indicator, it'd depend on its implementation.
(There's room to play around with fun designs, could be fun to do something game-y, like so.)
I do want to stress that this isn't meant to be a game changer or a 'balancing change' to the armor set, rather something I think would seamlessly fit in well and be useful/provide something without taking away anything at the same time.
For how late-game the armor currently is, I think it'd be awesome to be able to tell and/or estimate how much health is left in an opponent, especially since the armor is designed to be used for 1:1 fights with enemies that have a lot of health.

I feel like there's a large chunk of people who favor having visual indications and direct information, and another group who don't care for extra stats and displays on the screen. I've always imagined that merging the details and stats into an item would make for the best of both worlds, so I'm very excited to share my supposed concept!


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That's fun. Maybe the W.A.R.B.I.S. could have some instant right-click action on it like the Bush Hat does and others in order to show / hide or cycle between these info.

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The only problem with this is WARBIS armor is toooooo late game for a player to really need these stats :\ 

I feel like WARBIS should have been a more early game focused quest line that was added new, and new player focused.  Adding visible stats like target health, attack speed, etc would have been nice then.  But if we're talking post CC...  well who does all that but needs to know the health of a clockwork knight?

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