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Enforced music overriding and/or indepth music toggles

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Okay, bear with me, this is an ultra very specific request so I hope I can explain it clearly.

I usually play with music OFF, I love the music dearly but I also like having to immerse myself into the scenic environment, I've had it off for years now. The ambiance is just that enticing!

However, there's been specific cases where I'd wish for mechanics to continue playing music, despite this.
Namely scenarios where you go out of your way for music, like WX's Music module, Music Hutch, and the new Phonograph.

I'm curious if the music options could either be expanded a bit, to be more inclusive on WHICH sets of tracks are disabled, or if intentionally activated music sources could go and ignore the option.

I'd highly favor the former, I would love to toggle on in-game music sources continue playing whilst also keeping seasonal tracks off. I make this thread since constantly setting my music sliders up and down has gotten tiresome, and I think the toggles would be something valued by a lot more people than just I. 

I imagine the tracks could be boiled down to groups, seasonal/work, farming, combat/boss, etc.!

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While we’re at it we need a whole audio menu QoL update: for different music categories volume, and please also how long musics play as I know many players would wish certain play for longer than 10sec if you don’t do stuff

But I also wish so bad for separated settings for mobs, players, movements voices and such things. There’s just some noises that are too loud for me (flying bees or the crr crr crr sound when I hover anything on the UI) so I need to mod they out, it’s weird that from vanilla a single config wraps up every single entity sound or you just play without sound. :?

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