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Did every character get what they asked for?

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Did every playable character get what they asked for?

Wilson became a recognised scientist, Wendy can see her sister again etc.

Can you think of anything to prove otherwise?

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Wicker could not save the library from the fire, instead, information from books from the secret entrance and information from "dont starve wiki" were stuffed into her head.

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As far as Maxwell deals are concerned....
Wilson, Scientist with forbidden knowledge. ✓
Willow, don't know the details of her deal (yet) ?
Wolfgang, is truly the strongest man. ✓
Wendy, is with her Sister again. ✓
WX, despite being one of the original characters from way back when, brought by Wagstaff. ✘
Wickerbottom, saved the knowledge of the library. ✓
Woodie, don't know the details of his deal (if there is a deal given how Walter entered) ?
Wes, a mistake. RIP ✘
Wigfrid, is center of the world's stage. ✓
Webber, is still a spider... thing, but not alone!  :( Poor Webber.
Winona, brought in by Charlie
Warly, wanted to help his maman, It is unknown if she is fine in the real world. ?
Walter, brought in by a rigged trap presumably for Woodie (though why the trap is there is unknown)

Wanda, broke a rift through time and space to enter the constant.
Wortox, Wormwood, and Wurt originated in the constant and therefore have no connection to the real world.

So based on this (assuming I have everything correct) There are 3 characters that have a deal with Maxwell that either has been fulfilled or not, but that knowledge is unknown.

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3 minutes ago, gamehun20 said:

Didn't webber want to change back to human?

"he vowed he'd be nice
he begged for a way to change back
no matter the price. (Lightning image of Maxy appears)"
yep you are right, my mistake. going to update that.

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Wickerbottom didn't save her library. In the animated short, she is trying to push the bookshelves into the portal, but Maxwell doesn't let her and instead injects her with the knowledge from the "forbidden" book section in the basement. Then he takes her along with that knowledge into the Constant. Therefore, both her library and her knowledge are lost for the real world. Not to mention it was Maxwell who caused the fire in the first place, through Willow.

I also don't think other characters got what they wanted, for example Wendy has Abigail now, but she doesn't seem very happy about it, she still sounds heartbroken. I'm sure she wanted her sister to be alive again when she made her wish, I can't imagine the ghost is a good enough replacement.

Wigfrid simply got tricked. She wanted to be successful and famous again, to have an admiring audience. Instead she got transported from her fancy mansion into some creepy wilderness, and for an indefinitely long time she was completely alone (singleplayer DS), not a single person (except for Maxwell I guess) could see her performance. If that was truly what she wanted, I'm sure she could just go live in the woods IRL. I think the situation actually made her go insane, compare her rework animation and the ones where she appears in the Constant. Meeting potential audience in the form of other survivors didn't fulfill her wish either, they don't seem to recognise her as an actress and instead just think she's some crazy viking lady.

I think it's said somewhere that Willow is the only survivor who got what she wanted by being brought into the Constant, because she could leave her old life behind.

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Maxwell promised to put Wigrfrid back in the headlines, and so he did. However, rather than being headlines about her career and fame, they were about her sudden disappearance.


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