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Gateway gateway on the wall... Who's the villanous of all? [Theory]

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Hello, fellow DST enthusiasts!

A few days ago, the game got updated with the Rifts Bellow, the 2nd update from the promised 3 for this Arc. To be honest, it looks phenomenal, Klei, you have outdone yourself once again!

So, with only 1 more update in this Arc, I wanted to theorize a little about what is to come. In particular, this post is about the interpretation of Charlie fixing up the gateway.

End of an era:

About a year ago I commented that I have the feeling that DST is getting to its finale.


Looking back, I still have the same feeling today, perhaps even greater than ever. Mind Over Magic, Dread Pilots, Beastieball, Rotwood, and Lab Rat - Klei is currently involved in the development of 5 new projects, of course in some more directly than others, aside from having other games to "look after" like Hot Lava or ONI.

Although DST is Klei's "Star" product, I think they might slow down with DST progression, with all those other projects.

And it would only make sense if the current DST Arc, about the war between the Shados and the Gestalts, one that ties up all loose ends after we have seen each character getting a refresh and countless QoL that polished the game to perfection, is also meant to be the final chapter of DST.

At least the final chapter in the major sense; I am sure the Years of X will still be added each year, there could be crossovers with other games, etc. Or if this doesn't turn out to be the case, I think we can all agree that the next update will be "the end of an era".

I am personally hyped by all the new stuff Klei will be offering, and excited to see the end of this Arc!

A little drama:
When "A little drama" was released, I had two theories about the meaning of the play. I was debating what the “mirror" character was meant to be. I debated whether it is one of the rulers of the ancients, or if it represents the "shadow god".
With the recent animation, I feel like we have our answer.
In the little drama performance, "Charlie" promises the mirror that she will "fix" it; in the new animation we see that Charlie fixes the gateway and finally meets with THEM; and since the play is deliberate in using the word THEM to describe what the mirror represents, I am sure that the mirror represents the gateway.
Who are THEY? Well the term THEY, implies that there are multiple, and at least two. I believe that THEY are the self-proclaimed gods of the Constant who the ancients worshiped:
- "Alter", is the god of light, his domain is the moon and his army is formed from Gestalts; he is the god of "Change".
- The other fellow, well the game doesn't have a name for him, as he only has been revealed now; he is the black eye that looks from the gateway, god of darkness, and his army is formed from Shadows. If "Alter" is the god of "Change", then this one has to be the "Constant".
The narrative Klai has been telling us:
Moon vs Shadows
"Good" vs "Evil"
Both sides have a connection to sanity, both try to control the mind of others. Both do a good job with manipulation: "Alter" made the survivors assemble his altar and thus reawoke himself; while "Constant", first used Maxwell and now Charloe, to gain their trust promising power if they would free him. And their plans worked, both entities are awake!
So, two gods just awoke from a long slumber and are fighting each other due to a dispute for power over the world.
This is what Klai has been showing us... But what if it is just what we are meant to think? What if this light vs dark is all just for show, while in reality, the two gods are in cahoots? After all, this is all just a play, a play for which both sides have been setting the stage...
An alternative perspective on THEM:
If you think about it, those two are just two sides of the same coin: The moon has two sides - the one we see, and one in the shadows.
In the Hamlet DLC during a blood "moon", we can see the shadows being in control with the presence of the ancient herald. During a full moon, pig heads drop nightmare fuel. But from the story Klei has shown us, it makes no sense, if the moon is part of the "Alter" domain.
Well, I think, that THEY are working together. I believe this whole war, is nothing but a setup; and the fact that "Constant" left immediately after Charlie freed him without saying "hi" suggests that THEY have a different plan in mind, from the one that Charlie thought.
Recently I read the book "American Gods" by Neil Gaiman, and I think there is an interesting parallel (SPOILERS ALERT):

It is a great book, highly recommend it if you didn't read it. The main plot revolves around a war between gods, old gods from religions in whom humanity once believed; and new gods from the present, like WiFi, TV, Internet, to whom we sacrifice our time. The book shows how the two sides hate each other, killing each other for survival. But by the end of the book, it is revealed that the whole war was set up by the leaders of both sides, who decided that they are running low on sacrifices, and a war where gods will sacrifice each one in the name of their leaders, will fulfill their needs.

Now, I am not saying that DST will be similar; but I am sure that "Alter" and "Constant" are working together. Their first goal was to gain a physical form once again because somehow in the past they were sealed and their powers stolen. With the last couple of updates, they finally did it, they have regained some of their power.

But what is the true plan? I have no idea, but I can't wait to find out!

All this doesn't mean the war is fake too; I am certain, that the Gestalts and the Shadows hate each other, and that they have no idea what their lords have in store. Just like the rivalry between Charly and Wagstaff is completely honest, they two have their intentions, ones we can only speculate on.

Closing thoughts:

1. I believe, based on the amount of new content Klei is working on; the final Arc update will also be the "final" one for DST as a whole.

2. Alongside the evidence I presented in my other theory about little drama, I am certain that the "mirror" is the ancient gateway; and for thematical reasons, I think the Shadow god's true name is "Constant".

3. "Alter" and "Constant" are in cahoots, with the war between dark and light being a setup in their little play. Their real reasons are hidden from us, for now.

But that is just my interpretation of Charlie fixing up the gateway, just a theory! To know the truth, we just have to wait and see what Klei has been boiling in that pot for us :]

I would love to hear what you people think about this theory! Have a great day, and most importantly: Don't Starve! :)

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Idk I trust Alter for now, I have yet to see them do anything as evil as what nightmare fuel does. The "worst" thing they do is reanimate corpses, but they're not even the ones sending hounds to attack us in the first place. The only thing alter sends to attack us other than that are the birds, which spawn in response to wagstaff trying to make restrained static, and the siphonator, both of which could be interpreted as retaliation rather than aggression.

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Very astute analysis! My first thought when the eye appeared in the portal was also that it and Alter make up the duo of "Them," like a pair of eyes. I especially think you're identification of "Alter" and "Constant" existing in opposition to one another is a great observation.

I definitely assumed "They" were the shadows at first, but Maxwell's dialogue in the moon ruins heavily implies that Alter is at least part of Them. But Charlie's play also suggests that They are someone who Charlie wants to free, and she seemed pretty irritated to see Alter in the sky. That further implies that "Them" refers to both the moon and the shadows, although it's possible Charlie isn't fully aware of this.

10 minutes ago, Masked Koopa said:

Idk I trust Alter for now, I have yet to see them do anything as evil as what nightmare fuel does. The "worst" thing they do is reanimate corpses, but they're not even the ones sending hounds to attack us in the first place. The only thing alter sends to attack us other than that are the birds, which spawn in response to wagstaff trying to make restrained static, and the siphonator, both of which could be interpreted as retaliation rather than aggression.

I don't trust anyone who wants to make me "enlightened" and lull me to sleep against my will; Team Moon wicked reads as cult to me.

It's true that the shadows want to drive us insane so we'll be attacked by our own nightmares, but... The devil you know, right? Lol.

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On this subject, I've had a dangerous thought since this update bata...
New materials, they're called "void," right? Where was the last time we heard this word used in relation to the constants history?


"There wasn't much here when I showed up."

"Just dust. And the Void. And Them."

What if shadow magic is actually the void? I haven't delved into this idea, but it seems to explain the absence of shadow magic in return of them arc....

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25 minutes ago, Ardcrumb said:

If alter is a whole planet, then is the shadow alternative the constant itself?

Maybe that's why the tentacles go so deep

I'd say it's the core of each world in the Constant, hence why the Terrors are Below. If if was the Constant itself then nobody would be safe from the Shadows.

And Tentacles aren't Shadow-aligned.

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Well Alter is a literal glass eye, so it must have taken the place of an actual eye. And since we have the mirror metaphor, I prefer to believe that the eye of the shadows and Alter, the eye of the lunars, are the very same godly entity. The shell of the moon has basically replaced the portal created by the gateway, but somehow "both" eyes have been slumbering until recently. Too coincidental in my opinion.

Alter is basically the trapped form of the shadow eye, sealed away by lunar magic. You could also interprete lunar magic as "obscuring the reality" instead of "change", so I don't think this is a too crazy theory.

The lunar entities are trying to seal the eye/Them, while Charlie is trying to free Them/the eye by clearing out the lunars as seen in the Axiom Visum (or whatever it was called) short. It's still two civilizations having a war, but I think it's more of a war about their decisions about what to do with the same godly entity: imprison it or free it?

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The game's not ending any time soon but this theory might be somewhat grounded depending on what the sealed portal is, if it's also linked to the previous dormancy of Alter like the gateway is to The Shadow Eye. Why exactly that would matter? Because both of those are in the caves, meaning those two would clearly be a lot closer to eachother than one'd think.

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