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  1. Ehh, i'd argue the monkey island is probably easier to deal with than the ruins is. If you go to the monkey island in winter you won't face any resistance and can grab all the banana bushes you want. Even if they allowed you to dig up banana trees, they'd be a lot more difficult to get thanks to the constant threat of splumonkies, especially if a mechanic was added to have splumonkies aggro on any player trying to steal a banana tree.
  2. Wurt's pirate skin uses the abyssal ghost instead of having its own ghost
  3. Alas the WX update is out and I do not see them adding another set of Wurt changes. Ah well. Thanks for all the support folks.
  4. They are not indie my dude. Majority shares are owned by tencent.
  5. I don't understand why there isn't a heavier focus on client side calculation as is seen in games like terraria. I think consistency between players matters a lot less than it might in something like a shooter.
  6. While that would in theory solve the issue, I think it would be better if she isn't encouraged to use a different material for roads to begin with, since it makes her inherently less of a team player. Honestly I think the cost argument is pretty subjective, especially since wurt herself can even get merms to mine a bunch of petrified forests and/or stonefruit. With the old cobblestones recipe id have agreed, but with the current one id honestly consider it equal if not easier than collecting a bunch of reeds/going fishing to trade merm king for them. For me the speed thing is something ive seen a lot of people bring up when it comes to her perks, so I consider it a little more notable, and I think it would be cool to have it moved to wetness. I don't know if either of us are going to change the other's mind so we'll have to see whether or not klei goes with the suggestion ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  7. While I do think it's an interesting concept, it would be a little difficult to justify that not being the character who is both an amphibian (known for needing moist skin pretty much at all times) and a member of a species where one of their traits is being literally always wet. I also don't foresee them adding too many more non-human characters since I get the impression people feel there are getting to be too many between WX, Webber (to a degree), Wortox, Wurt and Wormwood. And I don't see them adding a human who always wants to remain wet.
  8. I agree with this for sure. If she were to get the wetness speed perk I suggested in the other thread, she could deal with summer by wearing an ice cube hat to help offset this downside.
  9. Wurt's perk includes mgoose and bearger now too. Don't know if it includes frogs but it could probably be changed to include them as well.
  10. While that's true I think people are quite accepting of her upsides since a lot of them require a fair amount of setup to attain + being a herbivore is a pretty big downside given how powerful so many sources of meat are. Either way this one is more of a compensation for the de-facto nerf of her marsh turf via cobblestones being made so cheap,
  11. Instead of giving her a speed boost while on marsh turf, why not give her a speed boost if she is wet? It would be nice to have a reason to try to stay wet as an amphibian like her, and give her a reason to hunt mosquitoes in the swamp for water balloons. The marsh turf speed boost is also way less useful now that cobblestones are so insanely cheap. Perhaps she could gain wetness from being on marsh turf so being inside the swamp still gives her a passive speed boost. It would also make her more consistent with other merms, since they notably have a very high walk speed when compared to pigs or bunnies, and are also always wet. Right now it feels like she has a tolerance to being wet rather than actively enjoying it. I'd also suggest wormwood perhaps be given something like HP or sanity regeneration since he should presumably also enjoy being watered.
  12. I think wetness is a questionable way to go about adding a downside to begin with given that most players are not going to be getting wet unless forced to anyway. I think a good downside can encourage a player to think a little more outside the box when it comes to certain problems, and can make an upside feel less pointless. Part of the reason I enjoy wurt and wormwood is that the former forces me out of what I consider the easier food sources while the latter forces me to consider alternate means of healing. WX strikes me as interesting mostly in that I could see a system wherein charge requires stranger actions to be taken than usual. Perhaps eating transistors could increase charge, or one could hook oneself up to a lightning rod? I'd like his newfound powers to encourage him to do things other survivors don't - whether that be consuming gold and rocks on a regular basis (although that's similar to wigfrid lol), or by building lightingrods in many locations. Or perhaps something else entirely. I don't think a stat reduction would really help out all too much, that just sounds like wes with more of an endgame.
  13. I don't think it's realistic for the current update, but I gotta say I think it's great that there's so much enthusiasm for further additions to wurt's ability set, and I hope we see that funneled into not only her, but characters with more sparse ability pools like wortox or woodie. One thing that stands out to me about wurt is that some changes could be made to improve her experience that also benefit other survivors, namely in relation to pigs and merms. As far as I see it, pigs are well overdue on a rework that makes them desirable beyond just as sources of flesh. And any new features given to pigs could be transferred directly to merms as well, with the possibility of merms doing them faster/more efficiently as is currently the case. Things like letting them wear backpacks, hold tools/weapons and the ability to gather twigs/grass or items on the ground come to mind. I think it would be great if pigs were considered more helpful alive than as meat, as it would make webber/wortox's downside more meaningful, as well as make the clever disguise an even better boon.
  14. That's always felt more like an attempt at a justification by the quote writers than a real reason, otherwise I don't think she'd refuse cooked eggs or be so willing to eat potato souffle. I think it would be fine if hatching tallbird eggs were kept as meat though.
  15. Thing is of the three ratatouille is the only one so awful it's basically a troll recipe. Meatballs and fist full of jam are at least pretty efficient if lower quality filler are used (plus fist full of jam can be a nice way to preserve berries), while even 1 carrot + 3 ice only gives a gain of 5 hunger. I think making it 37.5 like jam seems pretty fair. I think wurt (and other merms) should be able to eat eggs, yes. It makes it more consistent and gives her a way to use meat that doesn't involve the extra step of trying to hide them in a veggie/fruit crockpot dish. And it's not like they'd replace other food options in terms of optimal play, given that they wouldn't have the veggie/fruit bonus, and eggs aren't eggsactly the most efficient thing to eat as-is anyway. PK accepting things doesn't really mean much in terms of meat-hood given he also refuses to accept meatballs. He could easily continue to accept eggs with this change.