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  1. I would personally recommend boxing in some no eyed deer. You can farm antlers each winter, and then spam them on the loot stash after beating krampus for a huge number of bone shards.
  2. Bear may be good at tearing through trees, but he requires remote storage, and is very difficult to use outside of autumn due to his massive yawn range. Merms let you have your trees right next to base and let you perform year-round harvests. The utility of bear uprooting stumps is nice, but you can easily dig up stumps while merms chop, and any extra time it takes is made up for by not needing to walk over to your dedicated bear storage spot. Forest walker is alright, but can only harvest at night and you can't dig up the stumps while leading him in an efficient manner, making a full harvest a little more irritating, to say the least. Thermal stones require regular heating up, and don't even last a day without re-heating. Sunfish last for five days and can be swapped instantly. If you don't appreciate or want that utility, that's on you, but IMO that is a massive upside in terms of practicality, you can walk for 2.5 days uninterrupted with just a lantern without stopping, and have time to get back to base afterwards. You literally only need to swap three times (more like four realistically speaking ofc), during the entirety of winter. If you're trying to do some sort of super fast run of the game, then this won't be of much use, but for long term general play it's a really really useful ability to have. In terms of combat - Maxwell has half of what wurt does without merm king, as does wes (who also does less damage). Being about equal to the joe schmoe of wilson isn't exactly anything above C tier, but I think having 250 hp does put her in B for durability alone. I'm aware other chars have minor combat perks, but for the most part those are very niche, with a lot of those being just static entities with an extremely high resource cost, not much to give an edge in notable fights for the most part. Catapults would probably be the best bet, but unfortunately for Winona, they can be operated without her, which really limits any sense of them making her any better at combat. Merm guards are better spider farmers than bunnymen because they don't aggro you for picking up monster meat like bunnymen do. I never mentioned them being better for anything else, although in the case of bee queen they do have the benefit of a higher max dps due to their higher damage + kiting meaning they don't clog up the available space to hit her after attacking, plus they ignore the roar and don't run away when on low hp. Still, setting up enough merm guards to do that would only be worth it if you're full on megabasing and not just playing long term. There is absolutely nothing tying you to the swamp either. Mermhouses only cost 3 reeds, meaning 30 reeds will get you enough for 10 mermhouses, and you really only need 5 to do all of your logging. And 30 is something you can easily collect within the first few days (assuming decent luck at finding the swamp). It's a nice arena for deerclops since it gives you a huge area with a road speed boost, but you can base anywhere you want by just digging up a couple of swamp tiles and building your mermhouses whereever. And by the time you're looking into amassing an army you won't need reeds at all, since loyal merm guards can be obtained from king trading anyway. The only real prerequisite is a pond, which is something you should be near anyway for the sake of a farm. Also, having low max sanity is not an advantage at all. Losing sanity isn't even remotely difficult, and having a high max sanity means you stay insane longer, since your sanity threshold is a lot higher. If you absolutely must be insane you can just make a lazy deserter and drain your sanity in no time. Or stand in the dark for a bit. Or chug spoiled food. Or hold a dead fish in your inventory. I've never found myself short on nightmare fuel. Leaky shack is mediocre for her early game, because while it gives you plenty of merms - the swamp is often well away from where you'd actually want to base. They're also not as consistent with leaving their home, and are often far away from any good pine area (although this can vary wildly). They're nice for getting up your initial log supply, but nothing essential IMO. Of course this one is heavily affected by worldgen, so your mileage may vary. You don't need to be a megabaser to want a lot of wood either. Just having roads from one place to another is a really nice thing for a long-term world where you want to beat a bunch of bosses and are not concerned with doing it as fast as possible, and cobblestones will burn through logs like crazy lol. When I say S late game I don't mean S tier in combat, I mean S tier in utility. Being able to ignore temperature and rain almost entirely is a really really useful attribute to me that makes her easily one of the most efficient "do stuff" characters long term, since you can make much longer and more uninterrupted trips to different places in your world, and you can stick to using helmets all the time without having to worry about an eyebrella for heat or rain. That's why I mentioned the max hunger - it's not the fact that food is hard to get, it's the fact that you can make long trips across the world, or just perform tasks in your base without having to eat all the time. You can just keep a stash of food next to merm king and feed him and yourself every 3 days. And like I said regarding merm king, he may be something you need to maintain, but the maintenance is super cheap. It's not like you suffer any huge consequences for not feeding him if you're running errands. You just go from half-upgraded-wx stats to wilson-level stats. And if you're playing with other people and are worried about them turning hostile, you can wrap a clever disguise next to merm king along with the food, so they can stuff his face every 3-4 days. Balance is not thrown out the window with multiplayer. The game is meant to be played multiplayer. That's why deerclops has twice the health he does in DS. Sure, if you add enough players, the game becomes a lot easier, but 2-3 players is what a lot of the bosses are balanced around. The game is not at all balanced for a solo experience, the fact that people are able to solo half of the bosses in the game is cool and all, but the fact is bee queen is not a boss you're meant to fight solo. Nor is fuelweaver. People can do it, and that's awesome, but they would have a fraction of the HP they do if they were in DS. The ranking I'm giving her is based on what you'd be doing in an average game session with other people. You're not going to be trying to speedrun the game, and you're going to try to make your base presentable and somewhat long term, because that's the direction I've had with every random server I join, and every world I've played with friends. I don't see the point in a tier list if it's going to cater to a more niche playstyle. And I mean no offense by that, mad respect to anyone who has the skills and patience to solo everything in the game. But that's just not how most players do it. The game's called don't starve together.
  3. I don't really like making them kill each other when it's not needed, makes me feel like a filthy webber main. :^)
  4. As a wurt main, lemme clarify a bit of stuff. First up, she's generally better than maxwell at gathering so long as you think about your actions from the moment you spawn in. 20-30 reeds will often be enough to get you started, and after that all you need is a fishing rod to get your merm army started. Unlike maxwell, wurt doesn't have to sacrifice HP to be able to have consistent followers, and the only thing it costs resource wise is seeds. The ONLY utility maxwell has over wurt when it comes to resource gathering is the first 5 days or so, and the ability to shovel things. Merms are just as consistent as shadow workers, and surpassing maxwell's chopping speed can be done very quickly if you don't insist on merm guards and just go for regular merms. King of the merms is a little irritating to get set up initially due to the kelp requirement, but once you do, wurt gets the same effective health stat as wigfrid, with the best hunger stat in the entire game in terms of time spent without eating (3.33 days, longer than even fully upgraded WX) and a higher sanity stat (for what it's worth). And the king is NOT hard to keep up once you have the tapestry. Even while starving it takes a LONG time for him to actually die, and getting a new one is super cheap. Speaking of maxwell, the fish sanity perk is SUPER underrated. While the sanity boost isn't too huge, 3.3 sanity per minute can make avoiding sanity loss incredibly easy, and the fish is easily obtained and lasts for a long time. Not to mention, she can turn off the regenration, something maxwell cannot do. Perhaps her best perk, however, is the ability to ignore cold after the first summer. Being able to keep an ocean sunfish in your inventory for 4/5 days allows you to run around the overworld with nothing but a lantern without any danger of cold, while still getting the free sanity regeneration mentioned before. The ice bream is also super useful, although summer makes it only last 3 days, so you'll have to cycle your fish a little more often. There's also the fact that if you're playing with friends, you're the only character who has very little use for the eyebrella. While wetness does still make you cold during the first spring (meaning a thermal in your backpack will be needed), you can still fight at 100% effectiveness, while keeping both your body and head slots free for whatever you see fit. No sanity loss. No tool slipping. And once you have a sunfish, no freezing. Not even wormwood can ignore the main threat of spring that thoroughly. In terms of long-term solo play, it's also worth pointing out that she has extremely cheap roads in the form of marsh turf. The give the exact same speed boost, but are incredibly cheap. Not to mention the swamp becomes the perfect arena for any boss where speed is of importance, giving you much more freedom than a road-based arena could. Being able to have a 360 degree speed boost for the first deerclops can make things super practical. She ALSO has the ability to let Webber and Wortox ignore bunnymen with the use of the clever disguise, making caves a bit less annoying, as well as providing both of them the option to hire a superior version of pigs if they so choose, effectively nullifying one of their downsides. You could also argue that it would allow them to set up a fully automatic spiderfarm, but merm guards are also just objectively better than bunnies, as unlike bunnies, merms won't attack you if you pick up meat, and don't run away when low. Finally, she also has the single best sanity management in the entire game if she is playing with a wicker. For only 2 NM fuel and 2 papyrus, you can get 165 sanity on demand in the form of sleepytime stories. If you can afford it, you also have 250 instant sanity using 1 tentacle spot and 2 papryrus, giving you enough to go from 0 to full and then some, even with the king of the merms active. 2 eggs and 2 papyrus give you less overall sanity that sleepytime stories at only 150 overall, but it applies it 50 at a time, so it can be a faster and cheaper alternative if needed. It's not quite as fast as using greencaps or cactus, but it's also nonperishable and much easier to amass. Wurt has a LOT of upsides, with the only significant downside being an inability to eat meat - which isn't a downside if playing with friends, but can actually make a massive difference if joining random/public games, since emergency food is not exactly plentiful during winter if you never set up a farm. Other than that, it's really just a matter of her upsides requiring a little time investment. But it's worth noting that most of them are useful in their incomplete form - 3 mermhouses will still let you obliterate forests even before you set up a proper colony, and you also start with leaky shacks in the swamp. The swamp itself can still be traversed fast even if you're not setting up roads, you still have free sanity gain from freshwater fish even if you don't have your thermal fish yet, you still only need heat to deal with rain, etc. I'd put her high A tier for early game, and easy S tier for long term, both singleplayer and multiplayer. She's not amazing in early combat, but no worse than any other non wig/wendy/wolf character either, so on that scale she would be C tier, and B tier once she gets access to her 250 hp. Her utility is next to none once you know what she is capable of.
  5. I'd like for webber to be able to craft special nests for spitters and cave spiders. It would also be neat if certain spiders could be buffed to make him more competitive with wurt, especially considering merms are also the ultimate resource gatherers.
  6. Do merms get a recruitment bonus on Woodie with the clever disguise?
  7. I don't see an edit button, but I figured out I had to put the main code chunk in the modmain.lua. My next question is how do I make it a normal left click type of mining? I tried to swap out the references to Right to Left but it caused an error, and I want following pigs/merms/bunnies to copy whatever you are doing.
  8. I have been trying to add the ability to "slap" a tree or rock with an empty hand to an existing modded character, but I'm not really sure where the code from here: goes. Does it go in a seperate .lua file and then I add the tag "hardhand" to the character? )Sorry if this is too basic a question, I'm not really looking into making full blown mods, I just wanted to add this attribute.)