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Greetings, Hot Lava fans! We can’t wait for you to jump into our newest update featuring:

Get ready for a new in-game toy universe EXO-CLASH!. Set in another galaxy where giant robots fight colossal monsters. Captain Hera Scarlet and Lt Leo Satomi have landed in the game complete with their own unique unlockable items, taunts, and Action Files.

There’s now even more reason to jump into Hot Lava regularly with the weekly course. Compete with others for top global positions on a new course and ability each week. Earn a reward for placing on the leaderboard then try again when it cycles to a new course each Tuesday.

Splash into summer with water balloons and more when you visit the Playground in the next few weeks. Challenge someone to a water balloon fight, or hit all the targets around the level for your chance at earning a reward. These activities will only be around during summer so hit your mark while you can!

You can enjoy all the features of this dynamic new update right now. Meanwhile, we’ll keep working on ways to make our game even hotter. So stay tuned, stay cool and stay off the floor!

  • Beat the weekly course and earn a reward
  • Play as Hera or Leo from the Exo-Clash universe
  • Throwable water balloons now available in Playground Level
  • Hit all the targets to earn a cool new accessory
  • Checkpoints added to Chase Your Sister courses
  • Level up faster with increased XP gains across the board



It's Time For Klei Fest!

Hey Everybody! Klei Fest is here!

Summer is on its way and that means so is Klei Fest. During Klei Fest, we have a burst of content, items, events, sales, and more interesting things happening for all things Klei!

We've got game updates for Hot Lava, Oxygen Not Included, and Don't Starve Together. We have a new game to announce and we've even got more exciting news and demos from Klei Publishing and more!

Check out our sale page for up to 75% off all of our games. Scroll down for tons of news, updates, and announcements.


New Content Update Available Now!

Something sinister is seeping to the surface, and new horrors have taken up residence in the dark. Will our Survivors be able to band together to push back the encroaching darkness, or are the cracks in their resolve already starting to show?

For more info head over to the announcement post here!


New starting Asteroid, Skins and Quality of Life Improvements!

We have a new update for Oxygen Not Included as well! We have a brand new Starting Asteroid for players to test their skills, some user experience improvements, and a new “Move To” tool for objects.

Check out the update and get a special Puft atmo suit skin just for logging in!

rotwood_playtest_news_post (1).jpg

Combat Focus Test Now Available!

Rotwood is almost here! For a small taste of the action, head on over to the Steam store page and participate in our combat focus test!

During our single-player combat focus test, players will get to play a combat focused version of the game so you can let us know what you think.

Sign-up now!

Survival at all costs!

From Klei Entertainment, creators of Don't Starve, Invisible Inc, and Griftlands comes Dread Pilots, a new space survival exploration sandbox game.

You are a Dread Pilot, an unfortunate soul trapped in a dangerous and uncaring purgatory with only your wits to aid you in your quest to escape.

Head on over to Steam and wishlist now to keep up to date with news on the game as it develops!

Check out the new trailer!

The wizards at Sparkypants are excited to announce that Mind Over Magic will have a demo live for Steam Next Fest June 19th through June 26th!

Build and manage a school to teach aspiring mages dangerous arcane arts. Soothe sanity-shaking nightmares and explore the perilous Underschool, all the while trying to keep everyone alive and content. But beware the ever-encroaching Fog…

Make sure to wishlist Mind Over Magic on Steam to keep up to date on the latest news!

Announcing Beastieball!

We’re also excited to announce that we’re working with Greg Lobanov and Wishes Unlimited, creators of Wandersong and Chicory on their next game, Beastieball! Coach a sports team of Beasties in this turn-based volleyball RPG! Your Beasties’ relationships power up their teamwork!

Excited to learn more? You can read all about Beastieball, listen to samples from the soundtrack, and more while backing the game on Kickstarter. There’s also this super fun explainer video from Greg and the Wishes Unlimited team at Day of the Devs.

And of course, don’t forget to wishlist Beastieball so we can notify you when it comes out.

Check out the demo!

If you haven’t had a chance to check out the Lab Rat demo, now is the time.

Lab Rat is a hand-crafted narrative puzzler masquerading as a machine-generated video game. This satirical adventure stars a metrics-obsessed AI who will monitor, profile, and guide you as you solve over a hundred unique spatial problems.

The demo is available until June 26th, so check it out and be sure to wishlist on Steam!

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