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Wagstaff & Beckoning Hand should work the same

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Straight to the point: wouldn't it be just better if Wagstaff also had the site type of screen instead of the unintuitive show action never to be introduced anywhere before or after him ? Even if that was decided due to the shard being a single item (or just wasn't considered before the hand was done) the offer interaction is a lot less ambiguous than Wagstaff saying "Don't waste my time" unless you show the right thing.


4.thumb.png.30af56e85529c9a32ac72294c35b0f25.png   5.thumb.png.ed25b01e70e4bdaf56ac5f369233a0c4.png

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Also make the single dropped enlightened shard stand out more. I tried to summon the rifts without watchong the wiki and genuinely thought i had to beat the champion again and bring a deconstruction staff with me (i did but found the extra shard just before deconstructing the crown). Also, make Wagstaff say that he'll wait somewhere around the world for the shard (Not sure why, but after giving the enlightened shard to the second Wagstaff summoned I found what I suppose was the first Wagstaff close to the Florid Posterm, and the game let me give him another enlightened shard)

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Aren't both of these stand ins for now? From what I understood both of these won't be in the game after the next update, the rifts will start automatically or there will be some other thing that activates them (pledging yourself to one side?)

I'm not sure about it though.

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