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QoL Wish List


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1. The enlightened crown's spore inventory should be closed by default. It currently opens itself whenever you join the server or change shards, which is annoying.


2. The enlightened crown currently grants both light and the gestalt attack while the player is at or above 85% sanity. Since the gestalt attack uses up sanity with each hit, the player will eventually be left in darkness after attacking enemies. I suggest that either the sanity threshold for light is lowered to 80% or the gestalt threshold is raised to 90% so the crown stops draining sanity before turning off it's own light.


3. Moon crater turf and mutated fungal turf are currently the only turfs which can not be learned from prototyping or blueprints. I suggest that they are either added to the terra firma tamper or that their blueprints are added to the celestial tab.


4. I want the guardian's horn and houndius shootius to be stackable items.


5. The eye mask and shield of terror can both be refueled with edible items, but break at 0% durability. I suggest that they either stay intact at 0% (similar to the miner hat and alarming clock), or that they don't have durability at all and drain hunger on use instead (similar to how night armor and bat bat drain sanity on use).


6. Unlike in singleplayer don't starve, beardlords in don't starve together have the same stats as bunnymen. As I understand it, this is due to the fact that there is no longer just one player whose sanity would determine if bunnymen should turn into beardlords or not. But since maxwell's shadow sneak turns all affected bunnymen into beardords regardless of sanity, at least those could now get their proper singleplayer stats back.


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My opinion on your opinion:

1. Absolutely.

2. Not enough buffs. I think enlightenment crown should glow at any sanity and just have a very bad radius when deactivated. I also think shards should glow like thermal stone when in your inventory. 

3. Sure. Also, moon shroom turf needs a recipie change because shrooms are almost non renewable. Also as a side note, can klei come up with any kind of item for celestial tab, like at all? We got 4 crafting stations and all of them have same 2 items and nothing else.

4. Makes sence. 

5. Strongly disagree. Pay attention to durability and manage your equipment properly. 

6. I so want it!!! If they'd brought back animations and sound effects from DS beardmans I would love that! 

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  1. Lazy forager being able to harvest grass, twigs, berry bushes, stone fruit etc...
  2. More celestial champion drops.
  3. Lazy deserter solo.
  4. Scaled furnace should have a container where you can put stacks of items to cook/burn.
  5. Reading a pirate map should reveal Moonquay Island, just like Pearl's bottles.
  6. Crabking, Toadstool and Bee Queen rework.
  7. Houndius Shootius buff.
  8. A proper rain summoning item available for all characters.
  9. Bee Queen crown should make bees neutral towards you.
  10. More hostile flare interactions.
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My wishlist

1. Night Light buff and correction to recipe of one purple gem instead of red gem. And would love for it to drain sanity automatically to fuel itself when it becomes nighttime.

2. Beequeenreworkbeequeenreworkbeequeenrework- the fight sucks rn, make it not suck pls tyyy, (ancient guardian rework was a fantastic change)

3. Better system for Toadstool drops. II actually think this fight is already engaging and fun as is. What I hate is that 2 of the coolest items for base building are guarded behind an intensely difficult boss to solo and the only option to maybe  get both blueprints in one go is to double its already insanely high hp. I've fought misery twice now in two separate worlds and got glowcap, 2 funcaps, and napsack. super disappointing.

4. Storage rework, give us new storage types to fill different niches and fix things like wardrobe that should already be for storage. As of now, the only thing that makes sense with the current system of chests and iceboxes is that anything that doesn't stack gets dropped on the floor in the pile™.

5. Change the way beeswax interacts with giant crops so that they can wax up to 20 giants.


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