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The slurper challenge!

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Hello Forumers I am doing a challenge called The Slurper Challenge and I am opening it up to players of the ds community!
Rules of the challenge is simple You can select any character  on a fresh new world [Non Seeded] on default settings Resource variation can be included.
Enter the world and spawn a slurper and let it jump on your head.
You have to survive as long as possible with the slurper With minimal use of exploits. [exploit usage time cannot extend past a day in total usage.]
If others join they must also have the slurper equipped and show footage.
You also only have one life. So can not use touchstones or other revival mechanics
You also can not unequip the slurper.
What you need to do to enter is

get a recording of your gameplay playing the challenge
And upload it to youtube with the Title Slurper challenge!
Top 3 Will receive a cash prize in the form of a steam gift card.
And hopefully If I get sponsored by klei  The top 25 Will get a random woven skin set.


Slurper challenge add.png

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Here is my record from last year (moments before death). My berry bushes burned and I died in a fire because fan has a longer animation than I thought. 

I think this challenge is most fun as Wilson since other characters feel like cheating with their fancy flashy perks. 

Без названия (30).jpeg

And this is my Wes record. 

Без названия (31).jpeg

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2 hours ago, Spydainteractiv said:

what software would be good for recording a run of this? as it could go on for a bit

Idk I tend to use obs just make the output be a smaller file. No need to record hd either

But also with that I was thinking of adjust the prizes  to be 20 for first place And 10 for second place
But Open up the chance to win by Making it be the top 2 of every  Character
since Certain characters have an outright advantage over others.
I want to see the creativity  of people trying to maximize each character.

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2 hours ago, Loonytoony said:

question does the run have to be done in one sitting/done in one recording? or is it okay if it will be done in separate recordings/separate times in between as long as nothing is changed or done off camera.

certain characters are going to be able to go forever like wortox
I personally don't mind multiple sessions But I don't want people spending more than 24 hours live for the competition


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13 hours ago, Notecja said:

Are mods allowed or modded characters? Not like "tons of foods", but I am a casual artist and I like to play with what I created ^ ^

I don't mind cosmetic ones but if it like changes intended gameplay or is a character thats not part of the standard roster they are not allowed.
Also mods that would make things easier of course like action que or quick pick are not allowed

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