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Funny you should ask! I've recently gotten what I think is 100% completion on every person possible. You can legitimately get boons and banes for everyone except Palamborat, Fooloo, Phrylotas and Grim(?). You can get Fooloo and Phrylotas' banes prettty easily by just killing their friends but there's no way to get their boon. Palamborat appears for one encounter at the end of Smith's campaign and nothing you can do to him will give you his bane. And Grim (the mystery bilebroker) is unable to be met in-game at all as far as I know. I got all the others through regular gameplay, the Benefits perks, the Charming perk (these two perks combined lets you get nearly every non-story NPC completed) and finally the First Impressions mutator. 

First Impressions has a 1/8 chance of giving you an NPCs boon/bane whenever you meet them (given they don't have plot armour, and your character has not 'met them' in the story beforehand.). Word of advice! You can close the game to desktop and then re-launch it to re-roll the 1/8 chance to get a boon/bane. That's how I got oddballs like Frizz and Sweet Moreef to hate me.

A specific technique for boss boons/banes - outside of Sal/Rook's random encounters where you can betray them and help said boss - any boss you spare in a Brawl has the chance of appearing at the bar, where you can easily get their boon. And killing an npc in that boss' faction has a chance of getting their bane.

I would REALLY like to know how to get Palamborat, Fooloo, Phrylotas and Grim(?)'s boons/banes though, outside of just brute-forcing it with cheats.

ESPECIALLY Grim. He's got a completely unique appearance but isn't scripted to appear in game AT ALL as far as I can see, what gives?

klei pls :(




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i find 2 ways too meet new catacters :

Completing the second game mode (you'll find some random new caracters)

and finish your opponment at the end of afight, a friend of him will hate you. May be a caracter you never met...


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