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[Suggestion] Maxwell needs weapon upgrade

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Maxwell is a master of shadow magic, he summons things, I get it.

- war master gets battle buff

- gym master gets battle buff

- clock master gets battle buff

- kitchen master gets (multiple) battle buff

- ghost master gets battle buff.

Why not the master of the DS Constant?


Max should be eligible to some shadow weapon upgrades of any sort (beside removing sanity drain).

You can brain storm, but here is my version.


1. Max can use Wanda's alarming clock without age buff, since he can already use Wicker's books.

2. Maxwell's wield of shadow weapon of any kind can summon "deadly" or whatever extra shadow damage entities. It can be shadow tentacle just like thulecite club. Or it can be a shadow scythe that deal flat extra damage. Or it can be both at random chance.

- if it's shadow tentacle, the cost would be sanity drain, will is kinda fair.

- if it's shadow scythe, it should promotes battle mastery. A scythe will be summoned at a cost of 1 sanity on 5th consecutive strike on the same target. (change of target breaks the streak, moving or kiting breaks the streak.) The number 5 can be tuned.

- The sanity cost of scythe is effectively the same as dark sword's 20/min. The damage of the scythe ranges from 68 to 100, effectively increase a shadow master's damage output by 20% to 30%, which will be available to newbie Maxwells.


Thanks for reading my random thoughts, shadow master minds.

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I'd like some mix of glass cutter and shadow sword. Maybe via spell, like hat.

This sword will deal 34x2,5 dmg (85) and for everyone drain lots of sanity on the land and increase enlightenment on the moon island, but for Maxwell personally it will do opposite thing: up sanity on the land and down enlightenment. For old Wanda both effects just don't work. Also have ~66 uses for balance sake

Or another fitting mechanic similar to SW obsidian tools. Let it getting dmg buff while using from 34 to 102 dmg. Let it get 0,05 modificator per hit (+5% of dmg per hit). To rich max dmg you need 40 hits. Dmg modification tied to character, not to weapon itself

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it will most likely get nerf though, perhaps with higher cost and lower max limit. Depending on the change, the duelist could be cost effective to use only on bosses because of the are limited range. And with this weapon buff suggestion, it will generally buff maxwell as well, he'd have a little higher dps against bosses and he'll also have a weapon to use all around to defend himself or kill weaker mobs. 

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1 hour ago, Theukon-dos said:

2. Max's shadows are already beasts that probably need nerfed. He doesn't need more damage.

no you don't understand, every character must have combat abilities upon combat abilities cause combat is 99% of the game.

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