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Maxwell The Gaming Suggestion Thread

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Fair warning keep calm and don't go monkey mode if suggesting as devs are always watching :wilson_love:keeping suggestion simple and keeping in mind what the devs intend for things to be.

1. Using the hat storage should take like 2-5% each use.
2. Shadow Cage is amazing but if a nerf does need to exist you can make it take more percent off the book, 10-20%
3. Minion timer could be bumped up, and you can still put them away by punching them.(Thank you)
4. Shadow Sneak is ok but it could do damage and take more percent off the book.

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12 minutes ago, Mr.Tarunio said:

3. Minion timer could be bumped up, and you can still put them away by punching them.


higher work time(also maybe a bit bigger work radius?) would be great.

edit: also maybe they could do more things? since they can pick up items now, maybe they could collect stuff like grass and twigs right from the bushes in range? also, perhaps they could till the ground of farmplots? this is one of those tasks I'd love to not have to do manually.

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-Create a new quote for shadow chester when it's linked to a shadow inventory.

-Improve the codex umbra UI. (I think it would be better as an inventory extension) 


-Make the magician's top hat remain in the inventory while using it so you can right-click on it to stop using it. It's more intuitive than right-clicking on the character. I know you can move to close it, but this would look better imo.

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Maxwell's Codex Umbra should be something he slowly deciphers (aka upgrades) overtime.

Lorewise he has yet to fully decipher or understand the Codex. With that piece in mind, it would be neat if players could upgrade their Codex Umbra in someway as they play the game, improving the shadow puppets abilities, efficiency, minion count, etc.

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I'd like Shadow Duelists to be able to take a certain number of hits before dying instead of a health pool, at the expense of lower damage.


I suppose Shadow Sneak is good for scaring away chasing Hounds or other mobs from chasing targets in a certain area, which is niche when you have overlap of crowd control with the more active Shadow Prison.

Given its name, I would've liked Shadow Sneak to be more of a defensive ability for teammates, where if a teammate enters the proximity, they would be invisible for a period of time or until they do an action, making mobs lose track of them. It would make it good for Ruins travelling, sneaking past aggro range, or having time to recover should things go awry.

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