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  1. so maybe look elsewhere? if we change the speed at the beginning of video the clock ticking changes too not sure if that helps either
  2. I did the same with Warhound Helm skin but it's best we did that since at least my chests only drops skirt or other common skins
  3. It looks fun I used to do the same with my friend. I even made a Fan Art using PaintTool SAI, maybe I'll post it here later. So about the Timeline, it was posted here two years ago, now we have a little bit more of information, so it should be something like: 1890s - 1906: William Carter origin story 1906: William and Charlie enter the DS world. 1906 - 1910ish: Some crazy stuff happens that we haven't told you about yet.... 1910ish - 1921: The various playable characters get pulled into the DS world. 1921: Wilson gets pulled in (Forbidden Knowlege trailer). *THE ORIGINAL GAME + ROG STARTS HERE* ?: Wilson lives in DSworld for a while. Dies a lot, eventually finds Maxwell's door and confronts Maxwell ?: Wilson replaces Maxwell on the Nightmare Throne, Maxwell becomes Waxwell. ?: Charlie releases Wilson and take control of the DS World. ?: Wilson and Maxwell build a portal to bring the other characters together. ?: The DST plotline begins. Now what about the part between 1906 and 1910ish?
  4. Yeah, but Willow does have a problem with fire as she lights fire when nervous and all that, so maybe her desire was to change it? About Woodie it is just way more complicated, I mean, he has a curse and an axe that actually talks. Didn't he get the curse after he was inside the DS world? Was there any way of getting magic in our original world without the Codex? If so, maybe his desire would be to get rid of the curse he already had? That way Maxwell could've tricked him saying he could cure him. I don't know. Is that official?
  5. I'm not saying they knew each other before the abduction, I'm saying it must be a connection between them and Maxwell. I don't know maybe he didn't bring them there just to play with, for that I said it should have a reason. Maybe Maxwell could only take people with a weak heart and deep desire or something like that, but why would he bring his own niece or try to play with her? Would a child be able to replace him at the throne? and if Wendy really is his niece, then at least her has a connection with him. About Wes he says "he displeased me" . So Wes also wasn't there just to be played with (or maybe he was, that doesn't really mean anything). And Maxwell made Wilson build the portal that resembles the door to the adventure mode, maybe hoping he would find and replace him at the throne. But anyway, I don't know if Wickerbottom is related to Charlie but maybe she could be related to the Codex? About Webber, how did he became a spider? So many questions... But anyway, I don't think the devs answer those kind of questions, do they? What should I write them? They must have a timeline, I can't believe this :c Also, thank you I loved your comment.
  6. I guess it is him, otherwise it wouldn't make sense. Maybe Maxwell was mad cause of the debts and stuff, there must be a reason they're all in there. I wish one of Klei's members could answer my topic
  7. Maybe not all of them but there's certainly a connection. So far I guess the most important of them are Wilson, Wendy, Wes and Wolfgang, considering they must be the ones in William Carter Puzzles (Except for Wilson), and maybe Wickerbottom is Charlie's sister. What about the person who burned the Voxola company? Is it Willow? Is WX-78 a Maxwell's experiment? They also say Webber might be Wilson's son but I doubt that one.
  8. I know, but I want to understand the connection between them
  9. Hey guys, I'm new here and I wanted to know a feel things about the Lore of the game, so I decided to create a new Topic. First of all, I want to apologize for my bad English, I am not american. Anyway, I would like to know if ALL the characters are important and if they all have connection with each other or with Maxwell (Except for the last ones that came with Shipwrecked, or are they also important?). And most importantly, what do you guys think those connections are? One of Maxwell's speech about a trinket from the grave suggests he knows even Webber as he states "The monster child gets tangled in this frequently." I mean, he obviously knows all of them, but I wander if one or two aren't there just for fun, you know? I want to know if they're all important cause I'm kind of going to write a theoretical timeline from the very first fact we know of (1901 where William's story begins according to the Puzzles) until now where the Cyclum Puzzle ends, I'm gonna try to do it connecting all of the characters, but of course most of it will be just speculation considering we still have a lot to know about the real story. But still, it is pretty cool to come up with theories haha. Anyway, if you guys could help me it would be great. Again, sorry for my bad English and Happy New Year everyone