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  1. I'm just throwing out an idea, no need to blow it out of the water. If you think the option will be the worst thing imaginable I'll leave it at that.
  2. I mean it would just be an option, you can have it toggled off if you feel like it destroys the core game mechanics, wouldn't affect whatever hosted servers you have. I mean with most community servers this isn't really an issue because moderation and all that but it would be neat to have.
  3. They could add a world option to prevent player made structures from catching on fire, and by default have it toggled on in public servers.
  4. I guess this just goes to me just being impatient with sailing in general where others are fine with as is. Sorry, I might be just rambling at this point. I don't usually have the time/bother to go for ocean content in the first year or so, can't justify my arguments further.
  5. I just think a ocean related character that can quickly access and navigate the ocean without much hassle would be great to have. Walani is the easiest one to think to fit into this role because she's already implemented in Shipwrecked with a unique enough method of traversal when compared to boats. If Woodlegs was given a fast, easy to navigate and deploy Sea Legs with much more upgrades than the current boat? I would advocate that instead. It would still require a large amount of time/effort to code in more interactions with DST's ocean content and her surfboard, that I can agree on. They can give her a few more craftables/quirks to make her stand out more than just a sailing Wilson, but the early access to ocean content makes her stand out far more. I don't agree that her being put into DST is near impossible, it's just that it would require a large investment of time and resources in giving her unique interactions with the ocean, especially coming after well thought out characters/game changing mechanics like Wanda.
  6. It's roughly 44+ wood and other resources to dedicate towards a standard boat that can be sailed further than the shore to explore/gather resources (if you want to go faster, that's more wood and resources for another sail). Having a fast surfboard upon spawning in can leave ocean content exclusively to Walani in the early days, which can be fun. The advantage that the surfboard would have is also turn speed and kiting potential. That's a great advantage an ocean based character can have when comparing it to the other characters' advantages. Again, there's a lot of unique resources that are rarely sought out for in the ocean in the early to mid game that a ocean traversal character would be able to access relatively easily without too much time/resource investment. That's a good enough niche for me. I agree that they'd have to do a large rework for mobs just for interactions with her surfboard, but that's expected if they ever chose to bring Walani into DST without it being just a lazy direct port. The mobs wouldn't be able to jump on the surfboard if your hitbox works like the Goose where only direct attacks work.
  7. The surfboard doesn't have to have the same mechanics as the boat, where enemies can jump on your boat and you can walk around the area. The hitbox would ideally be like Goose Woodie. There can be a risk vs reward thing with kiting on the surfboard in contrast to boat combat in the ocean. With a lower health pool but faster movement/turn speed, the surfboard would let her dip in and out of combat and gather resources more smoothly, in comparison to a higher health pool, repairable, but slower boat where you're in a restricted kiting range. They could also update a few ocean mobs on how they interact with the surfboard differently than a boat. She would be a niche pick if you want access to the ocean's resources/mobs faster or want to traverse the water often. Yes some mobs in the ocean would be easier as Walani if you're good at kiting, but that would be part of her strength as a ocean focused character, like how Wendy is good for swarm related feats. That and how the surfboard is easily deployable without investing resources into building multiple boats would make her stand out from other characters. EDIT: She would be one that could get certain resources that would otherwise be not worth the boat traversal/time investment, like barnacles, sun/bream/spittle fish, cookie cutter, etc.
  8. I just want to cruise the ocean freestyle like Tony Hawk Pro Skater and Walani is the closest we can get to that. j For real though, it'd be neat to have her without investing all the resources into a boat just to get kelp or salt. If only she could use the surfboard, that wouldn't disregard the other boating mechanics other characters have to do. It's pretty easy to deploy, retrieve, and deploy elsewhere compared to the boats. With how the biomes on the mainland are sometimes separated by a river gap and how some are easier to get to by just taking to the waters, her surfboard's early access to the waters and traversal would be pretty unique to play around. She could be reworked to be able to use tools/weapons for smoother Crab King/Malbatross fights. Would I want her ported to DST first before the others? Probably not, but if she was, it wouldn't be as bad as some people are making it out to be.
  9. WX to Wormwood after scanning for the Chorusbox Circuit:
  10. A small feature, but it's weird to me how a character gains a flat +15 hunger value (not accounting for staleness) for their favourite food. It's underutilized on most characters, sometimes based on how hard it is to get the ingredients, and the meager hunger value some provide when their sanity/health gains are much more preferred. Thoughts? PS: I would really like it too if the underused crock pot dishes got some love in varied stat values instead of most having 37.5 hunger gain and nothing else to differentiate it from others. I saw someone earlier want Pumpkin Cookies to have multiple produced at a Crock Pot for a smaller sanity gain for each cookie and I loved the idea.
  11. Ah, I didn't think that far enough. Just looking at the main description of the song without accounting for multipliers and rarity of the weapon seemed lack-luster to me, but I see your point.
  12. The ability to recall Shadows would be awesome. An actual animation/prompt for dispelling Shadows would be great too instead of Maxwell punching them. Shadow Duelists could either respawn after being killed, have much more health given their bad kiting AI, scale in damage based on the amount of puppets deployed, or make them un-targetable by mobs. I'm excited for his eventual rework in using advanced and showy shadow magic to make up for his frailness.
  13. The 7th potion could be a larger light radius, or a temperature altering radius.
  14. I'd like it so whenever Warly views a Cookbook, it should show an indicator on each dish if Warly can get the full effects of the dish. Often I think that I can eat a Meaty Stew after what I think is 2 days but I'm actually a few minutes short of forgetting the dish which sucks if I'm tight on Meat.