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servers display "???" for their ping despite being in the green when playing on them

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This is by now a quite-old issue, apparently ignored by KLei - probably on premise not many complain or encounter it (since most forum-users and casuals play solely their own personal private servers - there were past polls showing such self-admitted situation on these very forums). Now-and-then people do underline it, like yourself, OP, but to no avail. As it stands now, for me, all my still-playing-DST friends have this problem, even ones in same country as me; only about 3 other dedicated servers in my area aren't plagued on-a-regular-basis by the "???" ping estimation fault - though, in mid-to-late game, mentioned happening does occur. And you will probably not be the last pointing the problem, OP...

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I also experienced that quite old problem on my own dedicated server, but recently even some official Klei servers are shown with ??? ping to me, and a few updates ago those same servers had shown 50-80 ping to me and offered decent connection quality. I didn't play much Klei official pubs lately, so can't tell anything about actual connection, but in the past ping was pretty consistent.

As for port forwarding, I wonder why is it needed in the first place for server to show not ??? ping. To be honest, procedure is quite complicated and it hurts multiplayer potential by making community-hosted dedicated servers drop to the bottom of browse list. I wonder if devs could do anything to help for those who met difficulties with port forwarding - like me (ports are shown as forwarded, yet people still see ??? ping on my server) - but would still like to play on personal servers with both friends and strangers.

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1 hour ago, Pig Princess said:

As for port forwarding, I wonder why is it needed in the first place for server to show not ??? ping.

Well, the Klei Listing servers simply ping all listed servers in regular intervals (afaik). Port forwarding allows those servers to ping your server. If the ping fails (or goes above 1000 (I think)) it shows ???.

I had the same at some point, port forwarded, but ??? ping. I wasn't bothered by it, since I just played with friends. At some point it just magicially started to work.

As you've said though and as of my xp, it's not guaranteed to work, and even Klei's official servers sometimes suffer from the same fate, so who knows really. :???:

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Yeah, I've been having this issue recently where majority of servers show up with ???, even dedicated and klei offical servers.

But last month, I didn't have this issue, I could see dedicated and klei servers' pings just fine!

It's very frustrating cos it also means I can't order the server browser by ping no more cos it just throws them all about the place.

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