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Forge Wolfgangs now removed stuble line

Wolfgangs now removed stuble line  

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    • No, don't keep the line

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In the coming update Wolfgang's Stubble line on his Gladiator skin is being removed and I Thought I didn't like it, until I looked at it and kept looking at the new one, and realised, it's fine. I still enjoyed how the old one looks, I think the stubble line separating the face made for nice contrast, and because The red paint doesn't dip into the stubble it didn't look as messy. But I can appreciate both.

 I was surprised to learn people didn't like it, and want to see what people think now, not saying Klei should revert this, unless more people want it back, i'm fine either way. If enough people say yes maybe they should revert it back for the stubble line, for the people who enjoy it. It being the only skin to have this stubble line would be fine, because moving forward if they want to stop doing this for future Wolf skins I would be fine.

I'm still not a the biggest fan of the new back of the head, though, he looks kind of naked without those additional lines around the stubble.



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I didn't even know there was an issue with the skin. I didn't really pay much attention to it but the new version is definitely the way to go. The old one makes it look like the paint was cut off suddenly, almost like it was an error.

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