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These books need some tweaking.

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With this new rework, Wicker has got some extremely useful new books, unfortunatly, there are some real stinkers thrown in the mix, ones I can't find any use to. I'm refering specifically about the two new light books and the "upgrade" to horiculture.

I really racked my brain thinking of any use for the two new light books, but i've came to the conclusion that they are 100% useless. The light radius is equivelant to a campfire; they take away a huge chunk of sanity, and correct me if I am wrong, they don't move while on a boat; denying the only use-case where they would be preferable over a campfire. The upgraded version of the light book lasts longer than a campfire, but is still trivial. An easy fix to these problems would be to make the books have a light radius similar to a star-caller's star. Perhaps these books wouldn't feel so under-whelming if they weren't competing with an extremely cheap full-moon book (or just campfires LOL).

As for the upgraded version of horticulture, I was expecting to be able to grow giant crops with it. Needless to say I was disappointed after learning that It doesn't do that, and instead grows an extra 5 crops, with the same limitations as the unupgraded version of applied horticulture. I don't see a reason to use this over the unupgraded horticulture, if it were used at all. Giving it the ability to grow giant crops, provided all the prerequisites for growing giant crops were present, would help.

Some of the other new books might need a buff, but the ones listed above aren't disputable.

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the lux books are easy to unlock and super cheap. Having an early alternative to star callers is a nice thing for boss fights/ night fights in general without needing to fuel campfires or lanterns. or just lighting up ur small starter base. It can also be used to give light to farm plants around the clock in both shards, significantly speeding up crop growth when nights are long something the grimoire cant do. 

Theyre mini star caller stars that dont change ur temperature this is a very nice thing for many situations. 

Using the grimoire also comes with downsides if the only thing ur after is light especially in multiplayer servers. 

once the grimoire is made more expensive which im almost certain it will the distinction between it and the lux books will be made more apparent if light is what u want.


horticulture expanded also tends to the farm plants every stage before advancing them to the next one which means getting seeds is very easy without any additional work on ur part like water or nutrients. 

Not much but still something. The expanded version will be the go-to for crops while the basic one can still be used for juicy berry bushes etc. 

A glaring lack on part of the expanded book however is that it does not fully grow stone fruit bushes and banana bushes through all stages like it does for farmplants, this should be an extra perk for it to distinguish it from the abridged. 

It would also be nice if the amount of farmplants grown was increased to 18 to match 2 plots of 3x3 crops. 

Making wormwod bloom would also be a cute interaction for the expanded version. 

I thought it was gonna be able to grow giants as well but i cant really say that it bothers me that it cant. Giants remaining a labor of love is fine by me. 

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I think the books that really need tweaking are :

  • END IS NIGH which still has no uses other than charging volt goats and now acting as an expensive ingredient for the pyro book. The lightning from this book shouldn’t be normal Lightning, but instead stun enemies hit for a few seconds, and hit all enemies on screen, currently it hits randomly only a few and tickles them. They could also deal more damage to enemies as well.
  • Aranchnophobia book: the webbing area is too small and lasts too little to make it useful, specially when you have more powerful alternatives for crowd control such as sleepytimestories. I think the area should be bigger but most importantly the duration of the effect should be at least 2 minutes (or even longer)
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59 minutes ago, hhh2 said:

I don't see a reason to use this over the unupgraded horticulture

I think the idea with the "improved" versions of books is to craft them using a low durability version of the original. You can still get 2 seeds from the abridged version by watering the soil beforehand and wearing a One Man Band while reading. The "expanded" version can also let you get 2 seeds from out-of-season crops, it leaves the soil with more nutrients than it started, and is especially good for starting out farms with generic seeds. It isn't anything spectacular.

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20 minutes ago, ShadowDuelist said:

I think the books that really need tweaking are :

  • Aranchnophobia book:

Exactly my thoughts as well. These two + the stone fruit/banana bush tweaks to H. Expanded and a more expensive Grimoire is all this refresh needs imo. 

10 minutes ago, Friendly Grass said:

it leaves the soil with more nutrients than it started

Ooh i didnt know this.. interesting. 

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