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Regarding incorrect fence orientation in the latest game update (514299)

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<EDIT:> Release 514408 has been released, which resolves fence orientations not loading correctly, unless worlds have been saved during 514299. See original post below for more details:

Hello everyone,

There was an issue discovered in the latest game update (514299) that resulted in fences facing in the wrong orientation.

This issue has been fixed and a hotfix should be released soon, but before that if you want to maintain the correct fence orientation, it's advised to not save the game with the fences in the incorrect orientation, as doing so will break fence orientation permanently.

For worlds that have been saved during this period, we are currently working on a solution to restore fences to their correct orientation without players having to destroy & rebuild everything.

We apologize for the inconvenience that this may cause for some players.

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Release 514408 should correctly load the fence orientations, assuming the world wasn't overwritten with incorrect orientations.

27 minutes ago, Electroely said:

Please do note that it should be possible to use the rollback feature if you did save in this patch, so you aren't out of luck if you've been playing already.

Yup, that's worth a short. It might also be work backing up your save folder before you start this though.

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