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Curse of the moon quay update contradicts gameplay?

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In the animation we can see that Wagstaff used moon energy from defeated Celestial Champion to create a portal and thus unnatural portal and docks appeared, but in game they are already here when you create a new world(where champion is not "killed" yet). I know it's a convention of the game, but it's still pretty funny

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19 hours ago, goblinball said:

Wagstaff did not use the champion’s energy in the short. I explained why the lunar energy in the new short is likely not the energy from the celestial champion in this thread: 


why do i get a notification for this

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I'll just copy my reply from a similar post
If it happens in one world it happens in all, changes at least, It's been like that since forever, I mean explain why you can visit the lunar grotto on day one? It should form later on right?

Explain how every world generated is the same, just with different layouts? Dying and respawning in different worlds is canon afterall.

Plus, the time in the Constant is wonky anyways.


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